Cougar Town: Jennifer & Courteney Together Again

Three things I admire about the famous 'Friends' friendship.
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Cougar Town: Jennifer & Courteney Together Again

Three things I admire about the famous ‘Friends’ friendship.

-Shasta Nelson, GirlFriendCircles

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

On September 22, Cougar Town’s second season premieres not only with its star Courteney Cox Arquette, but also back on screen with her will be her BFF Jennifer Aniston. Playing the role of Courteney’s therapist for Cougar Town, the two friends are looking forward to working on comedy together again.

We lived vicariously through them on their ten-year hit show Friends. We cheered for them as they have each pursued various ambitions and projects in the ensuing years. We hurt for them through Courteney’s miscarriages and Jennifer’s failed romances. We laughed at the irony when one played a middle-age mom hitting on younger men and the other was in the gossip tabloids for her on-again-off-again relationship with John Mayer, nine years her junior.

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And through it all, we have envied them for their off-screen friendship that has endured, not only longer than the typical Hollywood marriage, but longer than most of our own friendships have in the same period of time. Research is now showing that we replace half our friends every seven years. Jennifer & Courteney, who met at an audition for Friends in 1994, have now been friends for more than twice that number.

Here’s what I admire about their friendship:

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

1. They transitioned from consistency to connection. We are undoubtedly more likely to become friends with whomever we see regularly—it’s why making friends in school seemed so easy and why we consider work colleagues as some of our closest friends. But being friendly to the same people consistently doesn’t guarantee a friendship. Jennifer and Courteney made time out of work to get manicures together, talk about men, go shopping and share not only time, but also honesty and admiration. And they kept it up even when their schedules didn’t dictate it anymore.

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