Cougars Have More Sex!

A University of Texas study found that women 27 to 45 think about sex more.

Cougars Have More Sex!

A University of Texas study found that women 27 to 45 think about sex more.

-Libby Keatinge


As women get older, they actually think about sex more. Psychologists from the University of Texas surveyed almost 1000 women and concluded that women’s sex drive increases as their fertility declines. The study split 827 women into three groups (18 to 26: high fertility), (27-45: reduced fertility), and (over 45: menopausal and post-menopausal) and asked them to fill out a detailed online survey about their sexual activities and desires.

And who was the hottest of them all? The reduced fertility group was actually found to “think more about sex, have more frequent and intense sexual fantasies, are more willing to engage in sexual intercourse, and report actually engaging in sexual intercourse more frequently than women of other age groups.”

So what’s behind women getting hotter as they get older? The research believes that women have an “evolved a psychological mechanism” that pushes them to maximize any fertility they may have left. Women may have “an increased desire and willingness to engage in sexual activity during the period of declining fertility.” So here’s to all the Samanthas out there! Being a cougar isn’t just trendy, you actually are more sexual than those younger ladies! (Limelife)

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