Craigslist Swaps Out "Erotic Services" for "Adult Services"

Craigslist swaps out "Erotic Services" for "Adult Services."


Craigslist Swaps Out “Erotic Services” for “Adult Services”

It’s all in the name!

-Mandy Panter

Philip MarkoffWhen Philip Markoff murdered Julissa Brisman, nobody called him the “Murderous Med Student.” Instead, he was dubbed “The Craigslist Killer,” because he contacted his victim through the popular online bulletin board.

After weathering an avalanche of bad press, this week, Craigslist’s Jim Buckmaster announced that the company is replacing their previously unmonitored “erotic services” section with something they’re calling “adult services.” Though the ads will mostly remain the same, unlike in the past, they will be monitored; with any ad deemed too blatant a quid pro quo arrangement deleted. The price of placing each add will double from $5 to $10, but reposting will be offered at half price.

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Whether or not this wipes out prostitution on the board remains to be seen (and seems highly unlikely), but Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said, “You’re not going to have the volume of it, you’re not going to have the ease of it.” My guess is that sex workers will simply come up with a new coded vocabulary to offer their services-like the way horny drug users say they’re looking for a “ski partner” in the personals. Snort.

How a company with only 28 employees is going to monitor the thousands of ads that come in each day is a mystery. But hey, maybe Craigslist will start hiring ad monitors -good news in this economy.

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  1. How is this going to do anything?? Sounds like the same ads will be placed under a different name — only now Craigslist will make more money off them!

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