Crazy Megan Fox Quotes and Her Attempt to Become a Good Girl

Does the rebellious ex-Transformers star have it in her to change her loud-mouthed ways?
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Crazy Megan Fox Quotes and Her Attempt to Become a Good Girl

Does the rebellious ex-Transformers star have it in her to change her loud-mouthed ways?

-JoAnna Zulli

Megan Fox

Megan Fox, who has a reputation of being “difficult to work with,” has changed her tune. The ex-Transformers star has come clean in admitting that she says “things to throw people off from what’s really going on in her life,” but now regrets it.

“Reality set in for her when she wasn’t asked back to star in the upcoming Transformer movie with director Michael Bay,” a source tells BettyConfidential. “Even though Michael was behind her in hiring her to star in the original movie, she bashed him at the end – even though he went out of his way to prove to everyone she was worth hiring. Now, the next sequel to Transformers is being made without her.”

The source adds that Fox is trying her hardest to now come off as sincere by explaining her past actions. Perhaps her engagement to Brian Austin Green has sparked the realization that it’s time to grow up.

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0 thoughts on “Crazy Megan Fox Quotes and Her Attempt to Become a Good Girl

  1. OMG! Those quotes — all together like that … priceless! But you forgot all the ones where she complains about being rich and famous and beautiful!

  2. She is a sickening wench. Having looks is one thing but having a brain endures. She may be able to pay to look good for a long time but with a brain like that, she may as well let the rest of her go too. No class at all!!!!!

  3. Catapulted from nowhere to this “super hottie”…..this is a young woman trying very hard to maintain the person she IS, and has finally become comfortable with. Does anyone here think they could do a better job than her??? I doubt it. So what, she’s HOT. She went from the hot girl at the hottest girl anywhere. If you beleive the media. She was too honest, at a young age, and tried to make herself seem more credible than the ass-kissers and media-savvy freaks we “beleive”, because they sound sincere. Like that silly YOUNG girl, from the Twilight ,movies….she hasn’t learned when it’s SAFE TO BE HONEST. Give them time..they’ll figure it out….or they’ll go away. I think they are the next generation of actresses who tell things how they are………..and forget all of OUR silly fantasies, of how we’d like them to be. Kudos to them both…not for being misunderstood, but for trying to make the rest of us understand how it really is for them. I think they’ll both be around for a long, long time. Fox, especially, could act in a paper bag, better than many of these other new “sensations”. And she DOES have a sense of humor. I think there is a generational shift going on, more honesty from actors(not actresses)and a deeper insight into how hard it really is for everyone……nobody one day……fu****g internationally famous, the next. I would love to be rich, but I’d pay money to keep myself from ever becoming famous. For adults..condemning a child actress.

  4. A sickening wench?? R U kidding me??? Littlequeenie29..get a grip. Looks are randomly dispersed by genetics, or God…depends on what you beleive. You sound like you got cheated, somehow. In an anonymous response, you’ve shown everyone who reads this how jealous you are. You hate her…she’s too pretty…she must be stupid, right?? Because you think you are smart, and not pretty?? And no class?? Please!!! Do you have any idea of the foolish things said by juvenile actresses of the past??? And you never will, because there was a studio designed barrier between them and the media. That’s gone now. Everyone has to sink or swim…based on their ability. Fox, and in my earlier rant, Stewart….both of them are just trying to remain themselves…..fighting crazed fans like you who either hate them or love them….based on their ability to make you beleive them as that “character”. Are you so pathetic, you can’t seperate the actress from the role?? Or do you hate her because she’s beautiful?? Not her fault, either. I’ve read everything she’s said…and I tell you truly…she sounds more honest and funny and REAL, than most any other actresses of her generation. No class…because she’s honest?? She sounds like a girl any one of us could bring home for dinner….and have everybody laughing and smiling in moments. Take a deep brath…and imagine all the mistakes you, yourself, would have made…with the worldwide media attention she’s being scrutinized under….a freaking global microscope. I admire her, and Stewart both…using their own words…and being misunderstood……is so much more the action of an adult, than any blending into every other actress that pretends how easy everything is. Icons of the next generation. They are too good at what they do, to go away. Beauty doesn’t compare to skill or ability. You’ll see. I’m sorry it was me that had to explain.

  5. Come on you Fox bashers…just make sure you include Stewart. Young women, overwhelmed by the price they have to pay…for fame…not fortune. Their individuality (what got them hired in the first place), something they need to sacrifice, now. What made them perfect for the roles they were hired for, now a nuisance. This site, a mockery of truth. Most who respond; unhappy and JEALOUS. I’m prettier, I’m more beautiful. Doesn’t matter. refuse to be like everybody else. Care only about those things importaqnt to you..enjoy everything else.

  6. wow, anathea, are you a relative?
    For me, personally it seems strange that given the time to say something meaningful, Fox chooses to talk about farts. I guess it’s her sense of humor… Also if any of us were to talk bad publicly about our boss (or colleague), we would be in the same (if not more) amount of trouble as she.
    We all have to pay the price of what we do, and we choose what to do considering that price. Most of us don’t act surprised or dismayed when the payment is due.

  7. I think she is pretty funny. If a guy was saying the things she does no one would make a big deal out of it. Half the stuff she says are the same things you would say with your friends, except her quotes get published!

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