Curvy Celebs We Love!

Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson and Gabourey Sidibe are just a few of the famous ladies who aren't afraid to sport their fab booties.
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Curvy Celebs We Love!

Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson and Gabourey Sidibe are just a few of the famous ladies who aren’t afraid to sport their fab booties.

-Jess Zaino

Christina Hendricks

If the $115,000 final auction price of Marilyn Monroe‘s famed Size 14 dress she wore for JFK‘s birthday doesn’t place a revered value on curvy girls, I don’t know what does. Some of the most desired woman in the history of pop culture were heavy on the curves. America’s cinematic treasures Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren top the list of the sexiest and curviest. And curves aren’t only for men to swoon over. It’s for us healthy, real gals to envy and to emulate. Even skinny mini models like Vogue Mag cover girl Jessica Hart told BettyConfidential that women with curves are the perfect image of health and sensuality. And Beyonce, one of our generation’s most desired curvy girls to date has said, “I feel best when I’m not really thin and not really heavy – when I’m still curvy. I really believe that everyone is supposed to be different, and whatever is a natural weight for you is usually what looks best”.

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We think these curvy sexpots are pretty bootylicious too:

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0 thoughts on “Curvy Celebs We Love!

  1. She did lose a lot of weight, I can’t get over how fantastic she looks. But, even though she’s skinny now, she’s not rail thin. She still has great curves, she’s just healthier now.

  2. I’m sorry but Gabourey isn’t curvy; she’s fat. Jennifer Lopez said years ago that it frustrates her to hear “her curves being celebrated as though that’s permission for people to over eat. I work out all the time and watch what I eat to look like this!” Curvy doesn’t mean FAT. It means having what is traditionally considered to be defined female curves! Curvy is great, but Gabourey is WAY beyond that, and I’m tired of seeing HER pointed to as someone to emulate. Should heavy women be given fantastic fashion choices and told they are beautiful? Absolutely!! But that girl looks unhealthy; they call it morbid obesity for a reason.

  3. One third of the American population is fat and another third is over weight. Hell I’m over weight, and while maybe we shouldn’t emulate her I still think Gabourey is beautiful

  4. It makes me crazy how people equate ‘thin’ with healthy, and ‘fat’ with unhealthy. Fat people can be healthy, and thin people can be unhealthy. Yes, I am fat, but I workout and eat very healthy.

  5. Just a note,vintage dress sizing does not equate to our 2010 dress norms. A size 14 in the early 60s (when Marilyn wore that famed dress), is approx. a size 6(US)today. Yes, she was curvy, an hourglass body shape, but she was not a full-figured woman.

  6. All these women are fat! Unless she is under 4 feet tall, there is no way Jennifer Hudson is a size 6 in that picture.

    And we get this crap from the same people who write of a self-described “breast challenged” shapeless model as curvy!

    My question is do the writers for this site have any idea what “curvy” means? I think not.

  7. I think that some of them were the epitome of curvy, actually. But when it comes to the women on the fatter side, well, maybe we shouldn’t emulate them, but we should be proud of their accomplishments. In a country where fat people are looked down upon, they’ve kept their chin up and pulled on through, and look where they got! I think this is meant to be encouraging to women who aren’t exactly model-sized. I am pear shaped, and I’ve always been sad about that, but seeing this is comforting for me – I feel like there’s still room for me to be beautiful, because these women are too!

  8. What a shame that the author of this blog felt they had to add a morbidly obese woman, and call her curvy! Come on. She needs to lose weight, if not for her appearance, for her health, for goodness sake! Please, pick someone who is truly curvy, and healthy looking, not someone who can hardly climb two flights of stairs w/o having severe breathing issues!

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