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Happy Father's Day to some of the best of the best dad bloggers on the internet.

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Daddy Bloggers

Happy Father’s Day to some of the best of the best dad bloggers!

-Stephanie Elliot

a daddy blogging with his daughterDads. They’re really great, aren’t they? And they don’t receive an instruction book when it comes to parenting either, so there’s a lot to learn when a man becomes a father. As a mom, I have to say that mothering may be easier than fathering. Please don’t throw rocks at your computer screen because of that comment. It just seems to me that with motherhood comes a fierce instinct. And with dads … well, they have it a little bit tougher. They don’t really get to bond with the kid until it pops out. They don’t have the magical boobies that can silence a newborn with a pop of the bra strap. They have more work to do to get to know and nurture their little ones, and to make the parenting bond strong.

We’re proud to honor some of our favorite Daddy bloggers this Father’s Day. And when I say these men rock, they really are phenomenal daddies, storytellers and writers! Check them out for yourselves!

The Papa Bear Memoirs is a comical blog about a 30-something married father of three. He was forced into “Daytime Daddy Duty” for about five years after being unexpectedly laid off just days after the birth of his first kids (a set of boy-girl twins). Now that the kids are older and he’s rejoined the 9-5 work force, he reminisces about how crazy it was being home during the day with the twins and then another child just two years later. He also sprinkles in current-day stories to show that even though he is older, he is still learning what being a dad is all about.

Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room is expecting his first child later this month. He’s a writer and photographer, husband to beautiful Cole, and stepfather to bright-eyed, inquisitive LB (Littlest Buddy). Readers will love his writing style, his weekly photographs and updates of Cole’s pregnant status and belly, Thursday photo shoots with LB, and the loving stories Ryan shares about their lives together. A great post to check out that’ll fill you in on a bunch of stuff is this one, his 200th Post. And make sure to check out his amazing photography here: Porch-Light Pictures.

If you haven’t heard of Matt Logelin and his blog, you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing father and read his stories. I read about Matt’s blog and how he lost his wife, Liz, the day after their daughter was born, in People magazine. For the longest time, I was afraid to go to his blog, that it would be too sad. But it’s not, and Matt doesn’t want you sad – that’s not why he writes. He writes so that Madeline will grow up to know how incredibly loved she has always been. This post will catch you up to date on what happened. You’ll fall in love with Matt and Liz’s daughter, Maddy, a beautiful blond haired, blue-eyed toddler.

How can you not love a dad whose blog is called Wind In Your Vagina and whose blogger name is Black Hockey Jesus? And no, I don’t think he thinks he’s of Godly Godness, nor do I think he’s black OR a hockey player. But I could be wrong. What I do know is that this guy is hysterically funny, and probably a really cool, good dad to boot. In this post, he and his son chat about puberty openly and honestly – as all parents should – no matter if they play hockey OR think they’re Jesus!

In One Word, One Rung, One Day, Travis Erwin blogs about the life and times of a “big hairy Texan” (his words, not mine!). Who is Travis Erwin? A father? A women’s fiction writer? A rum-swilling pirate? The answer is all of the above. Travis writes about life with his wife and two young boys, his pursuit to publish a novel, his carnivorous diet, and his steadfast belief that lettuce is the Devil. He is also the founder of My Town Monday, a world-wide collection of bloggers who write each about their cities and towns. From the emotionally honest posts about his turbulent ride into Fatherhood, to his humorous take on bathroom air fresheners, What’s That Smell, Travis’ blog never fails to entertain.

Want more Dad Blogs? Check out the insightful and often hilarious group dad blog, DadCentric. Their tagline: “Our daddy blog can beat up your daddy blog.” Cool.

Stephanie Elliot is a contributing editor at Betty, and she also answers your parenting questions at Just Another Manic Mommy. Visit her at or PS, she thinks Dad Bloggers are sexy!

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  1. Pacing the Panic Room – That could have been my daddy 23 years ago, if only technology allowed. STILL HAVENT GOTTEN HIS PRESENT! What is a girl to get?!

  2. this is a great list. I am going to send it to all the dads I know. Maybe they can learn a thing or two, or be able to offer some help to these daddy bloggers.

  3. i love this! there are so many mommy blogs out there, i think so many dads could get something out of reading these blogs–whether it’s advice or entertainment.

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