Daniel Radcliffe, Olivia Wilde + More: 13 Actors Who Have Been in Music Videos

It's become quite the trend for Hollywood actors to star in music videos. Rock out with DanRad, Olivia Wilde, Zach Galfianakis, and more!
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This one made waves recently because of the full-frontal nudity. Oh, right: Warning! NSFW! Full-frontal nudity!

10. Christina Ricci: Moby, “Natural Blues”

Moby’s album Play was everywhere in 1999. A whopping twelve videos were commissioned for eight of its singles, one of which was this one for “Natural Blues.” I wouldn’t classify Christina Ricci angelic as a rule, but she’s just the right kind of angel here.

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11. Scarlett Johansson: Justin Timberlake, “What Goes Around… Comes Around”

It was inevitable that at some point, ScarJo would play JT’s love interest. Justin’s Alpha Dog costar Shawn Hatosy also makes an appearance, and the video was directed by Alpha Dog director Nick Cassavetes. Reunion time!

12. Emma Watson: One Night Only, “Say You Don’t Want It”

Daniel Radcliffe isn’t the only Harry Potter kid to have appeared in a music video—in fact, Emma Watson beat him to it by two years. Emma Watson and vocalist George Craig became friends after doing a Burberry campaign together, and the rest, as they say… It’s all about who you know!

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