Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

We have some great last minute ideas to enjoy this three-day weekend, whether you're coupled up or single and ready to mingle.
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White Water Rafting

3. Go White Water Rafting
If you and your man both know you have a busy summer of work to look forward to, ensure that you’ll weather the bumps together by tackling white water rafting. It’s an adventurous and thrilling activity that will get your hearts racing (and you can always continue the adventure once indoors). Since doing nerve-wracking activities together has been proven to increase the bond between couples, you should hop on to find a river to navigate near you.

4. Take a Class Together
Trying something foreign is the key to unlocking your imagination, and we know how far an active imagination can take us in life and in the bedroom. Some exciting classes you can take as a couple include cooking, bartending, yoga, photography, dancing, and ooh la la, massage. That’s definitely a class you’ll want to do your homework in. Just do a simple Google or Bing search of “Your Area + Couples Classes” to find a bunch of options.

5. Book a Last Minute Trip
Being spontaneous is a great way to keep your relationship fresh. Not to mention, most guys find it to be a huge turn-on. Don’t think about the specifics or logistics of booking a last minute trip – take Nike’s advice and just do it. has a great section of their site where you can browse last minute deals for under $250. Just choose what city you’d be leaving from, and the site will present you with some tempting getaway deals you and your guy will find hard to refuse.

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0 thoughts on “Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

  1. He won’t take ballroom dancing with me, but he wants me on that stupid Harley. I’ll surprise him with a picnic lunch on a riverboat ride.
    I’m just nice that way.

  2. “Just set your stand up with a friend in a busy area of your neighborhood, and watch the men role in.”

    Or watch them roll in.

    I love the poll question, “Would you date a younger man like Kim Kardashian?” Is Kim a younger man?

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