Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

We have some great last minute ideas to enjoy this three-day weekend, whether you're coupled up or single and ready to mingle.
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Beach Bonfire

For singles:

1. Throw a Beach Bonfire
OK, so this may have to be a covert operation since most public beaches don’t allow late-night bonfires, but trust us, it’s worth the risk. There’s a certain sense of magic about beach bonfires at night – whether it’s the cold sand on your feet, the melodic crashing of the waves, or the flattering glow of the fire, we’re not sure. But we do know this is a great opportunity to meet someone. It’s like you’re playing “Who I’d Want to Be Stuck on a Desert Island With” on your very first encounter.

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2. Organize a Rooftop/Patio Bar Party
It’s too late to throw a party at your own place, but thankfully, there are hundreds of fun outdoor patio and rooftop bars across the country that would just love to serve your party of twenty or more. Pick your spot, and call in advance to make sure they can accommodate you and your friends. Then, round up the troops that you’ve invited via Facebook and Twitter, and encourage your friends to bring their friends, so their friends can meet you. See how this works?

3. Go to a Baseball Game
Sports and guys, guys and sports, they kind of go hand-in-hand, don’t they? Catching a baseball game, whether it’s a Major, Minor, or local league game is not only fun, but it gives you an easy excuse to strike up a conversation with the guy sitting next to you. “Oh man, I missed the last play. What happened?” Check for tickets to a game in your area.

Lemonade stand

4. Set Up a Lemonade Stand
Show potential suitors you have a great sense of humor and are not one to take yourself too seriously. Yes, you are an adult, but lemonade stands sure are a good time, and a great way to put yourself out there. Just set your stand up with a friend in a busy area of your neighborhood, and watch the men role in. You may end up making a nice little pile of cash while you sunbathe and chat up whoever’s thirsty.

5. Play Capture the Flag
Where will all the single guys be this weekend? Do us a favor: go get a map of your area and find the nearest patch of green grass – that’s where they’ll be. You should know by now that healthy, active men love the opportunity to be outside every chance they get – so this weekend, that’s where you and your single girl friends need to be. Once you’re there, entice guys to hang with you by suggesting a game of capture the flag. Have the flags ready to go on your hips so that the guys will have to chase after you to win. Now isn’t that the best dating metaphor you’ve ever heard?

Tell us: what will you be doing this Memorial Day weekend?

Faye Brennan is senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

  1. He won’t take ballroom dancing with me, but he wants me on that stupid Harley. I’ll surprise him with a picnic lunch on a riverboat ride.
    I’m just nice that way.

  2. “Just set your stand up with a friend in a busy area of your neighborhood, and watch the men role in.”

    Or watch them roll in.

    I love the poll question, “Would you date a younger man like Kim Kardashian?” Is Kim a younger man?

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