Dating Tips: Don't Say It!

There are five things you should never say on a first date.
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The Dating Game

Dating Tips: Don’t Say It!

Five things you should never say on a first date. (Unless you don’t want a second)

-Single Betty

First Date

There are dating tips, and then there are dating don’ts. If you want to make it past the first course (let alone the first date), here are 5 mood killers to avoid like the plague.

1. You’re going to love my parents!

First of all, no, he probably won’t. Second, a first date is supposed to be spent figuring out if you want to see the other person naked – and you’ve just brought your mom and dad into the room. Talk about a buzz-kill. Well, unless your mom is super hot, in which case, you have other problems.

2. Blah, blah, blah, WEDDING, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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0 thoughts on “Dating Tips: Don't Say It!

  1. I would also never talk about children(unless, of course you’re a single mother/father talking about the children you already have) it scares men off just as much as talking about weddings!

  2. hahaha

    – I have ____ issues (ex: trust, control, etc)
    – Criticize the date (ex: I can’t see why you love sports, it’s boring)

  3. Don’t fish for compliments! And dear god do NOT call yourself fat or make any reference to things you hate about your appearance. Makes you look waaay too needy. And a bit of a head case.

  4. Don’t try to fill ackward silences with meaningless talk. It’s not a good plan.

    And I agree DON’T TALK about past relationships,especially negative experiences.

    Just try to have fun and laugh!!

  5. – Don’t rant about how horrid your day was..
    – Don’t talk about money either..

    Actually never say too much is the main key..

    Haven’t you noticed that’s what most men do on the first date.. They’ll laugh with you..
    (Actually give you little giggles..) Stare at you.. Pretend that they’re listening..

    My trick is to ask all about them..
    But don’t be too nosy!! It makes them think I’m actually interested in them..

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