David Arquette Isn't The Only Kiss and Teller!

Read the posts from our Betty Fan Bloggers about if they've ever had an ex like David Arquette who just couldn't keep his mouth shut.

David Arquette Isn’t The Only Kiss and Teller!

Read the posts from our Betty Fan Bloggers about if they’ve ever had an ex like David Arquette who just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

-The Betty Editors

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The Betty Fan Bloggers have been busy writing posts for our Fan Blog program, where real Bettys write about life, love, fashion and anything else they’re passionate about.

After writing about if they’ve ever been bullied, if they ever went back to an ex, and if they’ve ever tried a non-traditional relationship, the fan bloggers have tackled another juicy topic: have they or one of their friends ever had an ex that liked to kiss and tell, kind of like David Arquette, who blabbed to Howard Stern about his separation from Courteney Cox? If so, how did it all go down?

Here are some of the impressive posts we found:

Kiss and… Deny?
-by Brooke Sager on HIHEELZ  

Brooke SagerWhile I’ve never been in the guys’ locker room, or invited to boys’ MNF, I always just assumed they did the same thing as we did. Probably with a lot less giggling, beer instead of wine, and some high-fives and vulgar vocab. But the same idea–dishing to their friends who got with who and where they did it and for how long it lasted. 

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I Kissed Someone and I Liked It!
-by Brittany Roshelle Davis on Chocolate-Covered Chick Thoughts

Brittany Roshelle DavisKissing and telling is simply a way for people to examine their relationships. It gives a person the opportunity to see multiple interpretations. A chance to see any red flags that may have been missed. Furthermore, when a relationship is over, it’s part of moving on.

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Do You or Did You Ever Kiss and Tell?
-by Marika Weber on Random Thoughts About…

Marika WeberI’ve always felt that what I have done in and out of the bedroom and with whom was private and not to be shared. If a girlfriend ever asked, I would dish, of course, but never the gory details.

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Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Big Not
-by Monika Basile on Confessions of a Bleeding Heart

Monika Basile My former love, told his best friend, Mr. Big Shot, everything about us. This—in itself—I didn’t mind. Everyone needs someone in their lives to trust with their secrets. Unfortunately, sometimes we are better off saying nothing than trusting those with loose lips when they drink, or spiteful hearts in their everyday lives.

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Great job Betty Fan Bloggers! Keep up the great posts!

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