Death of the First Date Kiss

Why aren't guys kissing on first dates anymore?
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First Date Kiss

“At first, I thought it was because of online dating,” Kate told me. “I would say about 50% of my online dates end like that. I give them a nice moment, sufficient pause, and then they just hug me. So gross. But I’ve been online dating for a while and I don’t remember it always being this bad.”

“Do you think it’s because we’re old?” I asked, and by “old” I mean over thirty.

“Oh my God, you might be right.”

And I’m afraid I am. Because when we were in our twenties, macking down came easy. A date was just a date, and getting some action was often the only thing either party was seeking. But now, we are interviewing for babies, and the whole business of dating has become much more serious.

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“It’s still not fair,” I whined to Kate, “I want to be kissed.”

Because I think that in this job interview for life partner, kissing is just as important as someone who can make me laugh. But more than the kiss itself, I want someone who is man enough to go in for the kill.

“It’s like I said,” Kate scoffed, “Pussies.”

I’m not sure if Kate is right, but I do know this, whether it’s the internet or old age holding back the men these days, they better start puckering up before we’ve all moved on to the next competitor.

Tell us: Do you want to kiss on the first date?

Kristen McGuiness is the author of 51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life.

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0 thoughts on “Death of the First Date Kiss

  1. I agree @bobbimariah. If you kiss him on the first date it’s a way to show him it went well. If you want a kiss and it doesn’t look like he’s going to do it, make the first move! Sometimes the guy won’t just because he’s shy, or doesn’t want to mess things up!

  2. It honestly depends on the guy, in my opinion. I briefly dated a guy who was extremely confident. He kissed me on the first date, which was extremely impressive, since the inability to make the first move is an extreme turn off for me when it comes to guys. However, the actual dating process lasted for a short period of time, and even though he was an incredible kisser, he lacked a lot of the qualities that I look for in a relationship. So while it may be frustrating if they don’t kiss you at first, it does not necessarily indicate that they are not interested in you or would make a bad boyfriend. Something to be considered is that it may be a matter of respect.

  3. i agree with the lot of you… even tho that may be contradicting… but all in all, i think girls should make the first-date-kiss move. if the guy isnt kissing u because he is bein a gentalmen, u kissing him would show ur ready for it. not only that, but if you make the move, guys see that you have confidence. i mean come one, should guys ALWAYS have to make the first move? i dont think so. its supossed to b an equal relationship, wich means equal power… so girls, just make the first move already!!!

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