Denim 101: How to Find Your Perfect Fit

Need some help finding the perfect pair of jeans? Take a few tips from Lucky Brand!
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3. Size DOES matter (but in a good way!).

You’ve heard countless stories of women buckling down and finally getting professional bra fittings, only to discover that they’ve been wearing the wrong bra size practically forever, right? Well, it’s not just a quirk of lingerie—it happens with jeans, too. Remember that first pair Nico put me in? The Charlie skinnies? Well, to start, he had me try on the size I usually wear. They looked… fine, mostly; but something wasn’t quite right about them, so he sent me back to the changing room with a pair one size smaller. When I came back out with the smaller pair on and Nico showed me how well they fit, suddenly a light bulb went off over my head:

I’ve been wearing the wrong size of jeans for YEARS.

And I’m not alone—apparently it’s a common phenomenon. For some reason, people often feel compelled to wear jeans that are either a size too big or a size too small for them. The key to finding the right size goes back to tip number 2: knowing your baseline. This is what will allow you to see whether the leg fits the way it’s supposed to. If it’s looser than it’s meant to be, you probably need a size smaller. If it’s tighter, then you need to go a size up. Pro tip: You shouldn’t need a belt to keep your pants up!

Charlie black

Lucky Brand’s Charlie Skinny jeans again, this time in black and paired with my favorite pair of boots.

Wearing the right size, by the way, will go a loooong way toward making the skinnies-and-boots combination look its absolute best, as you can see here. I’d gotten used to having a little bit of a pouch where my pant legs meet the tops of my boots, but apparently this was only happening because the jeans were too big. Pairing the correct size jeans with your boots will give you a nice clean line all through your leg, with no puffy little denim pockets in sight. Sleek, chic, and gorgeous!

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2 thoughts on “Denim 101: How to Find Your Perfect Fit

  1. It’s so sad that I am having a lot of trouble in finding the perfect jeans. You see I’m a little bow legged and skinny jeans is a no-no for me. Problem is most jeans that are in fashion are skinny, stretch or straight but slim type. I just want to find a relaxed straight not the slim type kinda jeans.

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