Denim 101: How to Find Your Perfect Fit

Need some help finding the perfect pair of jeans? Take a few tips from Lucky Brand!
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4. Cuffing: Or, tips and tricks for the advanced denim wearer

Just kidding; this trick isn’t THAT advanced. In fact, it’s extraordinarily simple, and that’s the beauty of it. At this point in the fitting, Nico and I really started having fun not only with what I was wearing, but also how I was wearing it.

Now then: Cuffing!

Never underestimate what cuffing can do for your overall look. At 5’1”, I’m a shorty, and what’s more, I have short legs to boot. This means that even “ankle” or “short” sizes tend to be a little long on me, often resulting in some wacky bunching around my ankles—which in turn makes me look even shorter than already I am. BUT: Cuffing your jeans to show a little ankle ELONGATES your legs instead of shortening them, and the difference is astonishing. Want proof? Here you go!

Charlie cuffed

I’m wearing the Charlie skinnies here, along with my favorite pair of heels (DSW, baby). For comparison purposes, we cuffed one leg and kept the other unrolled. Can you see the difference between the two? Because I sure can! And even though this trick is great for shorties like me, everyone can use it, no matter how tall they are. A little extra length in the leg never hurt anyone!

Bonus: You don’t have to limit this trick to heels. It also works with ballet flats:

Cate Stacked cuffed

Okay, so I’m cheating a little here—those aren’t true flats. They have just a tiiiiiiny bit of lift in the heel, which kind of makes them fake flats. But they look like flats, so I treat them as such. But isn’t that a fabulous look? I’m wearing Lucky Brand’s Cate Stacked Skinny jeans here; they’re still skinnies, but they’re a little looser than the Charlie jeans, so they fit more like a true straight leg jean.

AND, you can even pull the cuffing trick with sneakers:

Sienna Cigarette cuffed

I’ve got Lucky’s version of a sexy boyfriend jean on here, what they call the Sienna Cigarette. Cuff them a little, add some Chucks, and boom! You’ve got a casual look that’s still sexy as hell. Love!

And there you have it, Bettys: How to find your perfect fit. Now what are you waiting for? Go out there and try these tips out for yourself!


Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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2 thoughts on “Denim 101: How to Find Your Perfect Fit

  1. It’s so sad that I am having a lot of trouble in finding the perfect jeans. You see I’m a little bow legged and skinny jeans is a no-no for me. Problem is most jeans that are in fashion are skinny, stretch or straight but slim type. I just want to find a relaxed straight not the slim type kinda jeans.

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