Did David Beckham Get Botox?

The soccer star and husband of Posh Spice looks like he's had a little work done on his wrinkles


Did David Beckham Get Botox?

The soccer star and husband of Posh Spice looks like he’s had a little work done on his wrinkles

-Debbie Emery

David Beckham
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Look very closely at this photograph…do you see it? Yes, David Beckham‘s eyebrows appear to have the wicked witch of the West look of someone who’s had Botox!

Maybe the soccer star read Mean Betty’s lament about his Neanderthal brow, or maybe he’s merely trying to keep up with his wife, the wrinkle-free Posh Spice, but David’s face is certainly looking a little different from the way it appeared last month.

David Beckham

But don’t take our word for it, here’s the expert opinion of celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn (who has not treated David).

“It does appear that David Beckham has had Botox injections to his forehead,” Dr. Youn confirms. “He exhibits a classic Botox brow. In some people, Botox can create a sinister-appearing look, as can be seen on the faces of other celebs like Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman

“Botox injections can create an overarching of the brow, making the person look angry, or in David’s case, somewhat amused.”

Dr. Youn says that if David did indeed turn to the needle, he’s not alone. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, last year over 300,000 men underwent Botox – an increase of 233 percent since 2000.

“”More and more men are getting Botox injections,” Dr. Youn says. “It is by far the most common cosmetic procedure that men undergo. Quite often I find men arriving for their Botox accompanied by their wives, who have been getting it for years.”

David and Victoria Beckham recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary, so maybe that old saying is true: the couple that pays for Botox together, stays together.

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13 thoughts on “Did David Beckham Get Botox?

  1. LOL!! He really does look like he got some work done. But — I have to say — how scary is that photo of Nicole Kidman?? She’s a beautiful woman, naturally — she should leave it that way! (Or get a better dermatologist!).

  2. David Beckham looks kind of like Harry Hamlin in the top picture! The thing is, when celebrities don’t go overboard with Botox and keep quiet about it, we just think that they look great. Jen Lancaster had Botox injections and posted before-and-after pictures on her blog, and she looked amazing.

  3. KS — I actually agree with you! A miracle! I know people who do Botox and they look fabulous. The problem does seem to be that, with unlimited money and a life all about image, many celebs do go overboard (and beyond). It’s sad.

    Somebody needs to tell Becks that women actually like men as they age!

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