Dislike: $15,000 Gingerbread House

An oversized gingerbread house that costs that much money isn't a great gift.

Dislike: $15,000 Gingerbread House!

A sweet treat only a dentist would love.

-PJ Gach

Gingerbread house

Yes, the holidays are about gifts. To some people, the holiday season means the bigger the gift, the better. But would you spend $15,000 on a gingerbread house? Talk about excess. This gingerbread house, excuse me, gingerbread playhouse is big enough for a child to walk into and eat their way out of. Aren’t we supposed to be worried about childhood obesity? This tasty gargantuan treat is also a fantastic way to bring ants and roaches into your own home too. No, they won’t be bringing you any hostess gifts when they arrive.

If you really want to get even with your neighbors—the ones with the uber-hyper kids—trot on over to Neiman Marcus and pick up the edible gingerbread playhouse by Dylan’s Candy Bar ($15,000, neimanmarcus.com) and give to them. Once those kids crash from the sugar overload, you probably won’t hear a scream or a screech from that house for weeks. For the rest of us, I can think of more practical things to spend that much money on. Say, like paying bills….or buying shoes, lots of shoes.

PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Dislike: $15,000 Gingerbread House

  1. Oh Puh-leaze. This is the absolute most ridiculous thing I have seen. Whoever wants to buy this, send me 15,000 and I will make a small one that won’t kill your child or OD them on a sugar overdose!!!

  2. At that price, we are talking about the rich and famous rather than normal people.
    If you look beyond the expense, who would let their kids eat bits of a playhouse that has been getting dirty and germy from kids (and friends) playing inside of it?

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