Disposable Diapers: Bad for Potty Training?

Babies are getting older before they "go” by themselves.

Disposable Diapers: Bad for Potty Training?

Babies are getting older before they “go” by themselves.

-Jane Farrell

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Although disposable diapers are lifesavers for moms, they’re responsible for something else as well, researchers say: the length of time it takes to potty train kids today.

According to www.inhabitots.com, the average child in the 1950s was potty-trained by the time he or she reached 18 months. Today, according to the website, parents “focus their potty training” on children between two and four years old, with an average training time of 37 months, or about twice as long as in 50 countries worldwide.

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Experts say, the site reported, that the increase in training time is at least partly due to “social acceptance” as a result of disposable diapers being available in sizes as big as 6. And the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents wait until kids can verbally communicate their needs before starting toilet training. Parents tend to agree, because the lack of communication before age 2 can be frustrating.

As an alternative, Inhabitots cite sign language. Moms can teach their babies the sign language for potty, more, all done, wash and good job – and help eliminate miscommunication. Check out www.pottytrainwithbabysigns.com if you’d like further information.

Using the signs, experts say, will help you have your child out of diapers before age 2. And you’ll save the cost of diapers – $66 per month! (Inhabitots)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Disposable Diapers: Bad for Potty Training?

  1. My daughter signed well, and spoke early AND was cloth diapered.

    She was potty trained over Christmas break before her 4th birthday in February.

    I was also nearly four before I potty trained; as it turns out we’re both on the autistic spectrum.

    So whatever.

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