Divorce Can Make a Kid Sick…When He's A Grown-Up

Children of divorce are at a much higher risk of stroke.
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Divorce Can Make a Kid Sick…When He’s A Grown-Up

Children of divorce are at a much higher risk of stroke.

-Jane Farrell

Parents fighting around their child

People who were children of divorced couples are twice as likely to suffer strokes in adulthood when compared with people whose parents didn’t divorce, according to a survey.

Experts at the University of Toronto studied data gathered from more than 13,000 people as part of a nationwide health survey. Said lead researcher Esme Fuller-Thomson, “We were very surprised that the association between parental divorce and stroke remained so strong even after we had adjusted for smoking, obesity, exercise and alcohol consumption.” Ultimately, the researchers concluded that adults whose parents had divorced had 2.2 times the risk of stroke when compared with adults whose parents stayed together.

The researcher were careful to explain that they were not saying that divorce directly causes a stroke in offspring of divorced couples. They also said that over the decades, as divorce becomes more frequent, the health conditions seemingly related to it could be different or less severe.  “This needs to be replicated several times to make sure there really is this relationship,” said Fuller-Thomson, a professor in the faculties of social work, nursing and medicine. “People shouldn’t go into panic mode over it.”

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Added Dr. Keith Garrat, director of interventional cardiac research at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, “What’s worth looking at…is the unique social trauma that might come along with divorce… And that could prove to give direction to some studies of stress, and how stress can cause real physical harm.”

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  1. It’s nice to see how they ended the article – focus on “how and why divorce” affected these children. In other words, are nasty divorces more harmful where parents air differences in front of their kids or does it not matter?

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