Do Guys Find You Intimidating?

You've got it all: brains, beauty and money in the bank. But is that scaring men away?

Do Guys Find You Intimidating?

You’ve got it all: brains, beauty and money in the bank. But is that scaring men away?


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As a matchmaker and dating coach in Washington, DC, a town full of sharp, successful, powerful women, I often hear the line, “Men are intimated by me”. When I hear this, I listen patiently and empathetically and then, when the time is right, I explain that it’s just not true. I speak with men every single day, and I have the inside scoop – the 411 on how men really feel.

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Men are not intimidated by your success, ladies. They love that you are successful. In fact, they admire your ambition and accomplishments. What they don’t like is the masculine energy you literally bring to the dinner table. What men want most, what they ask me for when I find them matches, is a feminine, nurturing, kind, caring, easy-going woman.

They don’t care what college you graduated from. They don’t care how many degrees you have, how much money you make or if you can change your own tire.

I often stump my coaching clients with the following question. “What is the number one thing that will make a man want to see you again?” The answer: “It’s the way you make him feel.” Men are simple and straightforward. What they want most of all is to feel like MEN. Read more…

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