Do Men Like Tan Lines?

Real guys tell whether those lines are hot or not.

Do Men Like Tan Lines?

Real guys tell whether those lines are hot or not.

-Libby Keatinge

                                    Tan lines

Laying out is not always a day at the beach. You pull your bikini straps down, alternate moving the straps on your bottoms, take your watch off, and turn over every thirty minutes – all in an effort not to get tan lines. But is this mini-workout even worth it? Our friends over at raise a very good question: “Are Men Obsessed with Tan Lines?”

As they remind us, last summer, cheating South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford ickily wrote to his mistress in a love note: “…I love your tan lines.” But is he the only one who likes tan lines or are other men turned on by them?

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We decided to investigate and asked some real guys what they thought about those badges of summer we try so hard to avoid. “Seeing a girl’s tan lines when I am hooking up with her is a big turn on. It’s like knowing you are seeing something no one else gets to see,” Steve from Los Angeles says.  

“It’s kind of hot,” Billy from San Francisco tells us. “I like when my girlfriend wears a tank top and I can see a little white line on her shoulder from her bikini.”

Only one guy we asked half-disagreed. “Top tan line is a big turnoff, but the bottom can be kind of cool,” said Tony fron New York.

In this month’s Marie Claire story “A Guy’s View of Summer,” writer Scott Frampton says, “[The sundress] reveals not only your body, but also how comfortable you are with it, and from there, it’s a perilously short trip to envisioning what you’d do with it. Especially if tan lines are involved; I’ve been known to lose my grip at the early-evening sight of them, innocent mojitos plunging to their patio deaths. That contrasting stripe, climbing over your shoulder from parts unknown—unknown to me, certainly—is a tease in the best sense.”

So maybe we ought to just be actually “laying out” when we’re laying out. Stop moving around so much! Those lines are hot – at least on the bottom! (The Frisky)

Libby Keatinge is a senior editor at BettyConfidential

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0 thoughts on “Do Men Like Tan Lines?

  1. FFlotus says:

    my hubby likes them… i think for the same reason as the guy in the article. it’s like the reserved places only he gets to see and touch.

    ladies, just NO tacky tan lines when you’re wearing a strapless dress to a party or wedding. tacky tacky tacky!

  2. Fashionista says:

    I would never have thought this, but I read that “ode” Scott Frampton wrote in Marie Claire, and I guess guys really do love tan lines. I kind of get it — they’re the lucky ones that are seeing the non-tan parts — but I still like looking tan all over.

  3. bobbimariah says:

    sometimes they look trashy and sometimes they look sexy. must be done carefully.

  4. lovesbetty says:

    I really don’t like tan lines– though I’m covered in them.

  5. danggirl says:

    I think tan lines are sexy, but not multiple tan lines. And I might add, farmer tans on men are most definitely NOT sexy. (Hear that, dads at my town pool?)

  6. labtec52 says:

    Hola: Si para mi que soy hombre todo lo que es para la mujer es una bellesa y me gusta,y quiero que la mujer tenga lo mejor y cada dia me quedo sorpredido con ellas y las felicito a todos.

  7. coespi says:

    Hell…..who cares what guys think, I LIKE TAN LINES!

  8. singingnymph says:

    Sure it looks sexy now, but not when you look like leather later!

  9. dessie81 says:

    @ singingnymph: While exposing yourself in the sun for too long might be dangerous and result in skin-aging, sun exposure is the #1 source of vitamin D3. D3 is important for maintaining bone mass, for keeping your immune system at its best, as well as for heart health as recent studies suggest.
    Of course, tanning machines are a lot worse, so just avoid those.
    Here is the rule of thumb that I like to use — the darker your foundation, the more you can sit out in the sun. For example if you use the lightest shade, sit out for 5 minutes per 2 hours, the next one you can afford 10, and so on.

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