Do Women Love Angelina Jolie More Than Men?

This weekend's box office results suggest women are keeping Angelina Jolie's career alive.

Do Women Love Angelina Jolie More Than Men?

This weekend’s box office results suggest women are keeping Angelina Jolie’s career alive.

-Faye Brennan

Angelina Jolie

The one adjective that is used more than any other to describe Angelina Jolie is sexy. The woman exudes such confidence and sex appeal on the screen, it’s hard to take your eyes off of her. For this reason, you would expect men to be running to the theaters just to catch a glimpse of her, but an interesting thing happened this weekend that proves otherwise.

Angelina’s new movie Salt ranked number two at the box office with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception remaining at number one. The interesting thing to note is what the Huffington Post pointed out in their box office coverage:

“While young males usually make up the bulk of the action audience, women and older crowds were the core fans of Jolie’s Salt. Females accounted for 53 percent of viewers, while 59 percent of the audience was older than 25, according to Sony.”

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If Angelina is such a sexpot, where were all of the guys filling those theater seats? Why was the audience mostly women?

Perhaps Angelina is past her prime when it comes to making men weak at the knees. She’s only 35, but her role as a Hollywood figure has changed a lot since her Tomb Raider days. Now, she’s a mom, a UN goodwill ambassador, and a doting Brad Pitt lover – stuff that might not be so sexy to men, but is increasingly sexy to us women.

The box office statistics from this weekend say it all – the men might have moved on from worshipping Ms. Jolie, but we women have kept her career alive and thriving. She’s doing so well not because of the way she heats up the screen, but because she’s a woman who is doing it all – and we want to watch her to figure out how.

I, myself happen to love Angie. I’m envious of her successful career, the fact that she climbs into bed with Brad every night, and that she finds time to help others and fight for causes she believes in. Oh, and those lips, too (I want them!). So, if there’s a rerun of Mr. & Mrs. Smith on (like there was last night), I’m going to watch it for the umpteenth time because maybe she’ll reveal one of her secrets that I can use to be a little more like her.

Yes, I’m sure I sound silly, but that’s honestly why I watch her movies, and I’m positive many other women watch them for the same reason.

But how long will our fascination with Angie last? Will we be like the men and lose interest in her after a certain point, or will her career continue to flourish as she ages? We guess only time (and box office numbers) will tell. (Huffington Post)

Tell us: do you think women are now Angelina Jolie’s biggest fans?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Do Women Love Angelina Jolie More Than Men?

  1. I think a lot of women admire Angelina’s gutsiness- the fact that she does what she wants to do regardless of what society says she should do. Most women would like to break out of their ruts and be free- like her.

  2. I think women are fascinated by her “take what she wants” way of living…but remember, how many times can she get away with that….And I also don’t think things will end that well for her…

  3. Or perhaps it’s simply that she’s a woman headlining an action movie and men have never gone to see action movies headlined by women (when the rare occasion that one is headlined by a woman actually happens). If Angelina played a traditional sexpot role and the men stayed away, then maybe you’d have something. I think the box office take is more indicative of male chauvinism than Angelina losing appeal.

  4. I thought it was funny when I received an email offering 2 tickets for the price of one to see this movie. Can you say desperate? I believe that’s how they got the women in the theaters, we love a bargain.. I wouldn’t go unless it was free. I just watched Changeling and I thought the story was good but she brought nothing to the role, she didn’t carry the movie, the story did and it could have been any number of actresses who would have done that movie justice. She is way over rated. Salt in all fairness to other movies has bombed considering the amount of money it took to make and the many places it opened in. It Bombed and that’s probably the reason no other actor who starred in it with her was out there selling it. She sold in on her personal life with Brad Pitt who stood by her on the red carpet. She has reduced him to being a nothing more than a cardboard prop. Leo is an actor compared to her being a celebrity.

  5. Never quite understood anyone’s fascination with Angelina. Angelina has always been more of a womens fantasy figure than a mans but because she is featured in mags that we women read, women somehow think this means men like the same thing.

    What the writer described above was something I felt about others when I was under 13 years old, and then I grew up and found myself. Don’t pseudo-worship anyone anymore, thank god.

  6. We love Angelina because she has always approached her life on her own terms: not an easy thing to do – and not the most “popular” choice. Women love to slam her for “stealing” Brad Pitt, but Brad’s a big boy and he could have simply said “NO!” He didn’t, so why do many place the sole blame on Angelina. It takes two to tango! Signed, Tired of the Double Standard

  7. I believe the man are over her sex appeal status, still are curious about her not enough like women, i for one love her she is so beautiful and grows gracefully without complaint, she is so full of love for her man, children and the world she makes time to see the world of its needs, and i love that about her we need someone like her who will stand in congress and defend right from wrong. what is sad the way people who hate her not because they know her but only because brad left Jen that is so old and people need to move on and let it rest.

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