Do You Have a Career Mantra?

Plus: 5 Tips for a successful job search from a sought-after career counselor.

Do You Have a Career Mantra?

Plus: 5 Tips for a successful job search from a sought-after career counselor.

-Roy Cohen,

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Hey Bettys! Are you on the hunt for a job, or just thinking about giving your career a kick in the pants? Either process can be daunting and overwhelming, so we got some tips and insights from Roy Cohen, a sought-after career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide (Financial Times Press). Read on for his advice, and then let us know where you are in your job / career search!

Your Career Mantra

You can look at this as a game. Not to minimize the risk or the seriousness of the consequences or to suggest that the experience is unimportant, but like a game, you maximize your ability to win through skill and strategy. It helps to be lucky. It also helps to be optimistic and to believe that you deserve to win, should win, and given the right circumstances, will win. So, what then is your job search and career management mantra?

– I deserve to win…yes, I’m entitled to win.

– I’m qualified to win.

– I want to and will win.

Inside the Interviewer’s Mind

Those bad dreams where we find ourselves naked in front of the class, or freefalling, offer something true about the job interview. In a way, you are naked. If you’re not working, you will be asked about the separation and why it occurred. You will be exposed if you have an incomplete answer. If you are working, you will be asked why you want to leave. You will be asked to explain your history ( the “tell me about yourself” question), and if you stammer or otherwise demonstrate uncertainty about how you tell your own story, it will be noticed. Remember, you’re in job search … and that means you have no excuse to be unprepared.

What is Negotiation?

Despite its importance, negotiation is often misunderstood and mishandled. It’s not intended to be adversarial, but because it’s often viewed as such, it’s a process that many of us would prefer to avoid in the hope that the matter at hand resolves itself. You can be sure you’ll be disappointed with the outcomes of situations where you back off on the tougher, more challenging issues. You may get an offer but not one you’ll necessarily like.

5 Tips for a Successful Job Search:

1. You must persevere.
Unlike most projects with a beginning, a middle step, and an end, there is no middle here. You start and you continue. It’s over when you get an offer that you’re willing to accept.

2. Think like a Boy Scout.
BE PREPARED! There’s no reason in this GOOGLE world, not to have all kinds of info about the job you’re interviewing for! Read, clip, have questions written out! Show the interviewer that you did your HOMEWORK!

3. What makes an interview a success?
Good communication skills and charm are valuable, but not nearly as important as fundamental skills and specialized knowledge.

4. Accept the fact that the process of job search is more complicated than it appears.
Yes, you will respond to postings, contact recruiters, and sweat over your resume. But navigating your career is a process filled with contradictions, and is remarkably complicated in its execution.

5. Think long-term and short-term.
The job you accept next may not rock your world, but it may get you closer to where you want to be.

Tell us: Are you looking for a job? Are you happy in your career?

Roy CohenAbout Roy Cohen

Career Coach and author Roy Cohen has worked extensively with clients from diverse industries and backgrounds, most notably, Wall Street, retailing and fashion, publishing, law, consumer products, and entertainment. Roy has been quoted often in the press (Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Money Magazine, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, Newsday, etc), and he has appeared on the Today Show and CNN.

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  1. Searching a job is not easy task and facing an interview is really difficult. Before facing an interview you should be fully prepared for any kind of question that can be asked by the interviewer. It is better to have a career mantra that will help you out to find good job and you can plan in a better manner. The five tips that you have mentioned in the post are really helpful.

  2. In life, whether it is a career, relationship or hobby, we often start out in one direction and wind up pursuing something completely different. This type of change can be scary because we frequently fear the unknown. When transitioning into a new career role such as business, IT, or even an internship, I have a few points of advice that embrace change and helped me along the way.

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