Do You Have List of Requirements for Your Future Boyfriend?

If you have a list and the guy doesn't have all that you want, do you walk away?
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So if you can’t really pre-plan how long you’ll be with him, how can you really pre-plan all of his characteristics? Look, there’s nothing wrong with saying that you’re only going to date guys who share your religious or political background. When you’re dating, you want common ground and if the relationship grows and you’d prefer not to wrangle over what religion your kids will follow makes perfect sense.

And yes, it makes sense that you’d want to date only guys with a good job. Any woman out there can attest that dating a guy who isn’t working is not a fun experience. There’s only so much mac n’ cheese that one can eat before one gets punchy at the sight of elbow pasta.

But to look for guys who only have brown eyes or look like a movie star that you have a crush on or weigh exactly 200 pounds, not one pound more or less, can narrow your field to the point where you won’t find anyone at all to date.

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I’ve always been attracted to tall, lean guys. Yet, I was so charmed by this one guy I had met… he was funny, smart, kind and charming that his weight didn’t even matter. When you like someone – I mean really like someone – weight, eye color or what type of shoes he wears doesn’t matter.

The next time you’re out looking at guys, narrow your list down to smart, funny, kind, has two arms, two legs and you might surprise yourself into a good time.

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