Do You Have Sex During Your Period?

Do the pros outweigh the cons on having sex during your lady time?

Do You Have Sex During Your Period?

Do the pros outweigh the cons on having sex during your lady time?

-Libby Keatinge

Sex During Your Period

You and your guy are repulsed at the thought of doing the nasty when you get your monthly bill, while other couples think having sex while you’re riding the crimson wave is no big deal.

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Cosmo claims getting it on during your period has all kinds of benefits including increased blood flow to your “V zone” which can trick your body into thinking it’s lubricated. Your cervix also stretches during menstruation, making it more sensitive. But what about those messy sheets? The Frisky is conducting a poll on your period prerogative. So what’s your final answer: Yay or yuck? (The Frisky)

Libby Keatinge is a Senior Editor at BettyConfidential

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0 thoughts on “Do You Have Sex During Your Period?

  1. for the most part it’s a yay for us. there are certain days it’s a little not worth it, maybe on an unusually heavy day or something. But for the most, if we’re in the mood, we don’t let it stop us.

  2. Since I’ve had a Thermal Ablation, my periods are pretty much non-existant, so it doesn’t even matter anymore! However, on my wedding day (four years ago), during the reception, I started my period and I was so angry! But it didn’t stop any of the sexual activities to happen on my wedding night! lol

  3. gross. too messy, and most of the time all the pleasures that come with menstruation (cramps, headaches, bloating) just make me feel like not moving for a week.

  4. For me it depends on the day, if it just started then yes by all means we will, but if its more in the middle of the cycle like on one of those really heavy days I say no because I feel its just too messy and then I am worried about that mess coming in between us and all over him so we’ll wait until its over or slowed down significantly, we have started having sex and then discovered afterward that I started during the actual act and he was ok with it so its mainly my hang up not his, he wouldnt mind but I dont like knowing its there when I am trying to be sexy and at same time worried about bleeding all over the mattress,

  5. For me I do it most of the time and it’s pretty good…Of course, I wait until I’m not that heavy, but when I get in the mood, which is almost every time I see my Sexy man, we get into it. I swear I’m always horny when I’m on it…lol I guess I’m horny all the time anyway…haha…But yea, I do it all the time on my period.

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