Do You Post Photos to Facebook For Guys or For Yourself?

A new study suggests that women who post a lot of photos on Facebook are seeking attention, but from whom?
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“I post photos for my friends and enemies, whether male or female, maybe even more for the females. We all have ‘frenemies,’ — we add them on Facebook, but they’re not all real friends. I post pictures that I think I look good in, but also pictures that look like I’m having fun, which is just as important. If you look like a stuck-up bitch in all your photos, even though you may look ‘good,’ you still look like a stuck-up bitch.” – Megan, 29, CA

“My intention in posting pictures is certainly not to attract attention from guys. No one other than people I know well and have already friended can even see my photos. I untag really, really terrible ones (like when people I knew in high school upload photos from when I was an awkward teenager), but not just unflattering ones. I feel like it would be false to erase all the photos that show me from an imperfect angle.” – Marthine S., 28, CA

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“I am a musician and a fitness professional, so my Facebook photos are from shows, travels, and events in my life. Yes, I only put up the good ones, and yes, I get mega pissed when someone tags me in an unflattering photo — I will untag it!” –  Kama L.

“It makes me feel fantastic when my friends tell me I look good in a photo — it’s a boost of confidence. I’m vain and self-conscious! I would never post an unflattering photo of myself or my friends. I think there’s a common agreement between women to never post unflattering photos of each other on Facebook. I definitely get annoyed when a friend tags me in a bad photo. I can’t help but wonder what they were thinking. Of course, they probably just checked to make sure they looked nice in the photo, but didn’t care for anyone else.” – Kim H., 30, CA

Tell us: why do you post photos on Facebook?

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8 thoughts on “Do You Post Photos to Facebook For Guys or For Yourself?

  1. I opened a Facebook account because I had a baby ad thought it would be a more time efficient way to share pics of him as he grew up. I didn’t really care how I looked in the photos, let’s face it – it takes a little time to take off the baby fat. But then I found other people on Facebook using the service in an incredibly juvenile manner so I stopped using the service myself. I’m a grown adult and have no intention of spending my time regressing back to junior high.

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  4. We have a suspicion that women are simply more likely to take pictures than men (how many guys do you know bring their cameras with them when they go out?), but there’s something to be said about the second point of the study. Are we really that vain? And, who are we competing with: are we posting Facebook photos to get attention from men, our friends, or to just give ourselves a little ego boost?

  5. That was a great study according to me. I do agree with it, most of the them post their pictures only for showing their beauty and charm and to get lot of compliments to it. One of my pal use to do so, i just remember her through your post. Good share pal. Keep doing more.

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