Do You Want A Real Vacation For The Whole Family?

The Disney Cruise is actually a vacation that kids and parents can enjoy!
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Do You Want A Real Vacation For The Whole Family?

The Disney Cruise is actually a vacation that kids and parents can enjoy!

-Deborah Perry Piscione

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After six years, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on travel, my husband and I still look at each other, and say, “What’s wrong with us?… Why aren’t vacations… vacations?” Oh yeah, we’re reminded, it must be those three little ducklings of ours fittingly aged, 5 and 5 (twin boys) and 2 ½ (daughter who believes she is 21 years-old). Duh?!

Naturally, one would ask, “Why not go on a vacation without the kids?” My friend, Soledad O’Brien, once said it best, “Travelling without your kids doesn’t make sense…your world is no longer in color, but in black and white.” Agreed.

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After taking multiple vacations where there was always at least one member of our family who didn’t get to do their preferred activity, we didn’t think we’d ever figure “it” out: How to have a real family vacation that my kids would enjoy and that we would come back from feeling relaxed and refreshed. Yet, this past week, we actually cracked the code on how to enjoy a vacation with young children (two words…looks big…floats on water…mouse ears)…Disney Cruise!

Before I get into the “magic” of what the new Disney Dream Cruise was all about for my husband and I, I have to state for the record that this was the first time we ever felt comfortable allowing our kids to run off to the kids club on any vacation. There is a trust factor with Disney that we could leave our kids in a place where they would run and hide when they saw us coming to pick them up, and everything would be OK. You just can’t put a price on trust.

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, said that the Disney Cruises are designed for multi-dimensional experiences: let’s not treat the family as a family unit, but rather treat each family member as an individual and provide an experience that is magical for each person. Disney struck gold here. My husband and I were amazed that we each could do our own enjoyable thing simultaneously – for the first time ever each member of our family was doing EXACTLY what they wanted when they wanted to. We have NEVER had that opportunity on a vacation, much less on weekend time either. While my husband was working out on the Disney Dream’s state-of-the art gym, I was relaxing by the pool, while my kids (two at Disney’s Oceaneer Club and one at the Small World Nursery), were doing exactly what they wanted.

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