Does Long Hair Make You Look Like A Real Housewife?

Khloe Kardashian says long hair is a "power statement"!

Does Long Hair Make You Look Like A Real Housewife?

Khloe Kardashian doesn’t think so!

 -Jackie Cascarano,

Real Housewives of Miami

We at Lock & Mane have gotten a lot of slack on our overly critical take on long hair. It’s not that we’re anti long locks, we’re just anti bad long locks. And despite the pixie and bob mania sweeping Hollywood these days, we continue to see ratty, overgrown, over-extensioned locks everywhere we look. Case in point: The Real Housewives. Pretty much every season/city of this show has featured a several ladies who need a significant trim. Kim Zolciak of the Atlanta show, Cristy Rice of Miami and pretty much the entire Orange County cast of characters epitomize this.

And you know the Housewife hair pandemic is serious when it enters the lexicon of every day stylists and commentators. When Jennifer Aniston famously cropped her locks early this year, her stylist, Chris McMillian, explained that it was because he didn’t “want her to look like a Real Housewife”.

Beyonce blond

When Beyonce recently donned long, bouncy blonde locks, beauty blogs and media outlets compared her to a Real Housewife of Orange County. Kate Beckinsale went long and bleached blonde for a role (presumably a wig) and we at Lock & Mane commented that she had lost her unique look, blending in with the Real Housewife Hollywood bimbo masses.

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So, query: Does long hair make you look like a Real Housewife? And by that we mean, does it make you look like you’re trying too hard to be sexy and youthful? Is there something inherently more respectable about short hair

Khloe Kardashian

We posed this question to Khloe Kardashian at the Redbook Magazine party in Los Angeles Monday night. Of course the entire Kardashian Klan has incredibly long locks. “I think long hair is a power statement,” Khloe told us as she flipped her oh-so-long locks over her shoulder.

Some would argue the opposite—that women are taken more seriously with shorter locks. Isn’t that something Hillary Clinton has grappled with her entire public life? Brooklyn Decker’s recent crop had many guessing that it was a way to be taken more seriously as an actress, not just a bikini-clad sex symbol. We have to admit that it has worked just a little. It’s easier to look at her now and banish the word ‘bombshell’ from your head for just a few minutes. Of course, then you see her cleavage.

Does changing your hair really change people’s perception of you? We’d love your thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “Does Long Hair Make You Look Like A Real Housewife?

  1. First off, there’s not much that’s real about any of those women who appear on those “real housewives” shows, including their marriages. The hair? Mostly hair extension. I have to agree with Kardashian (never thought I’d agree with her on anything), that long hair does not make you look like a real housewife…though I don’t know that it’s a power statement either. I’d say first and foremost, long hair makes a woman look and feel sexy… and sure, sex is power for many women. However, short hair is what I call “housewife hair” anything in a simple cut above the shoulder that doesn’t get in the way or require much styling… because housewives don’t have time to curl and flat iron their hair every day. Myself, I’ll never go short again. I think you hit a certain age, and longer hair makes you look more youthful and having short hair at that point is a resignation to your age.

  2. Now, personally I am a stay at home mom. I will probably not work under another person in my entire life. I’ve had my hair at different lengths during different experiences and I agree with Khloe. When I hair is long and ends at my bra line, I get the most attention and respect. But a hairstyle shouldn’t stereotype you. Those who are stereotyped allow themselves to be.

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