Does Your Skincare Really Work?

Meet The Somme Institute! Harvey is super excited about their newest skincare breakthrough.
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Edward explained that for well over seven years Somme Institute tested many skin care lines in an attempt to find products containing an effective delivery system. With the help of a computerized UV camera revealing skin health 3mm beneath the skin’s surface, Somme Institute tested the effects of Retinol, Ascorbic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acid on subjects’ skin. It appeared only to exfoliate the top layers of the skin. In light of those results, the company tested MDT5 on over 5,000 subjects who returned to the research center every 4 to 6 weeks to track their improvement with the UV Camera.

As you know, the UV Camera doesn’t lie! For the first time, a research skin care company was able to deliver highly engineered vitamins with the help of proteins deep in the skin, reversing sun damage, treating acne, smoothing out fine lines as well as evening out skin tones and lightening discolorations!

The Somme Institute research team successfully merged MDT5 with Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids, stabilized Vitamin C, and included a high concentration of Vitamin A and E in the formulation. This formulation targets different skin cell receptors to treat all skin types and conditions! The buzz on the street is that some of the most powerful drug and skincare giants have shown significant interest in licensing MDT5!

So, Ladies this is a “To-Be-Continued” column just like some of our favorite nighttime soap “Two-Parters!” Please come back next Tuesday and I’ll be showing you the fabulous product line with a special coupon from Edward so that if you want to try it, you get a special “Harvey Sent Me!” Deal!

Knowing my girls the way I do, here’s the link so you junkies can learn even more and get the product preview!

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6 thoughts on “Does Your Skincare Really Work?

  1. For $300 I would hope it has results of some sort. I won’t be giving up my money unless it proves it is the fountain of youth. In my experience, nothing has proven a thing to me yet. Tired of putting out my hard earned money for promises that never pay off.

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Everyone wants to have a beautiful skincare and battles to have a beautiful skin. I tried Meladerm which worked effectively in reducing the acne and sun damage to me. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to lowers many skin problems.

  3. Retaining youth is our natural desire. Personally I am completely against surgery. I believe to achieve anything to its full potential, you must always go the natural route. Despite this being more time consuming and not exactly being a quick fix, our body is our temple and we should do everything in our power to live a healthy lifestyle. Human Growth Hormones in my opinion is a God sent. It truly is unbelievable how fast Science is developing. Losing weight however is a struggle, but my the results and feeling of euphoria I got afterwards was outstanding.

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