Down With Ageist 'Sex and the City' Jokes!

Stop mocking the SATC ladies for being "old". And while we're at it -- Bill Gates can't you invent a GPS machine for aging?
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As fate would have it, I turned on the NBC Today Show, sipping my first cup of morning coffee, and Meredith Vierra is interviewing Tracey Jackson, author of Between a Rock and a Hot Place! Why 50 is not the New 30. Granted we do look younger today, due to incredible health and dermatological technologies, but our life experience continues even if our faces and bodies don’t show it. Inside vs. outside? Seismic changes! Are we having to care for our parents now? Did we divorce and find ourselves dating in this new environment? Loss of job looking for work in this youth oriented market? It’s enough to make you confused and depressed if your expectation is that at 50 you should feel and act like someone 30.

And don’t think this isn’t relevant to you Bettys in your 20s and 30s. My young pretties, enjoy your youth and please remember to wear sunblock!

Tracey says we need to take care of our health first, followed with changing parts of our lives that aren’t working for us any more.  And that’s good advice no matter how old you are. If we have many, many more years on the Earth, how do we want to spend them? What’s our plan?  Stay in a horrific marriage? A job that’s sucking the life out of us? Not me! And knowing you girls, you don’t want it either! Tomorrow is seconds away!  No matter how old — or young — you are … the time to plan is NOW!  What do we want to do?  How do we want to spend our valuable time?  Here’s the interview so you can see it for yourself.

I know what I need! I need Bill Gates to invent a GPS system for aging to help me know where I’m going. Just like you, I want to look good yet I want to be remembered for making a difference in the world. The friends I trudged this road of life with helping each other every step of the way. And that brings me back to my SATC girls: Thanks Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha for showing us that when the life gets tough, the girls can throw on their Jimmy Choos and get it done together!



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