Dr. Drew On Lindsay Lohan:" It's The Michael Jackson Story All Over Again"

Is LiLo failing down the same as MJ? Some experts think so.

 Dr. Drew On Lindsay Lohan:” It’s The Michael Jackson Story All Over Again”

Is LiLo failing down the same as MJ? Some experts think so.

-PJ Gach

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Lindsay’s been cuffed and it looks like her future is pretty bleak. Could she be failing down the same path as Michael Jackson? Both were child stars who took refuge in mind-altering/numbing substances as adults. Both seemed to feel that they were above the rules and laws for normal people.Dr. Drew seems to feel that there are parallels between Lindsay and Michael.

Last night, Dr. Drew Pinsky held a round-table discussion with experts and celebrity watchers on his HLN show. Are we watching Lindsay kill herself before our eyes?

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At one point Dr Drew stated, “Addicts play cat and mouse, they do it all the time.” Former LA County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers replied, ”Unfortunately, it could be a combination of both. The last time I had the case, I was hoping that she would follow the court’s instructions. Judge Sautner gave her a break. This wasn’t the kind of case you give a person a break on. She didn’t need a break. What she needed was someone to really catch her attention and say ‘get yourself together. You have a lot going for you. Get it together before you kill yourself.’”

Want to learn more? Watch the clip from the show:

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