Drew Barrymore: "I'm Really Thinking About What's Next For Me"

The 'Going the Distance' star opens up about sex and what's next.
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Drew Barrymore: “I’m Really Thinking About What’s Next For Me”

The ‘Going the Distance’ star opens up about sex and what’s next.

-Cindy Pearlman

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is great on a first date. She has the small talk down pat.

“You do a speed round of what’s your favorite movie and what are your favorite CDs? ” says the single Barrymore who doesn’t mind doing a little role-playing. Let’s say this was an Italian restaurant instead of her suite at the Four Seasons. The question is posed over some candlelight and sparkling water:

“OK, I love this because I can easily say that the movies are Annie Hall, Lost in America and Sullivan’s Travels,” rattles off Barrymore who wears blue jeans and a long, plaid shirt. Her wavy half dark, half blonde hair cascades down her back. In person, she is reed thin, but that slightly scratchy voice and warm laugh that you’ve heard for years reduces her to the nation’s long-lost friend.

“Now, for the music, I’m on it,” she says. “Wait, spank me. I can’t think of anything. Radiohead comes to mind. Shoot, I’m such a music nut, too!”

It’s fine if she doesn’t have all the answers in her new film Going the Distance where Barrymore plays a New York-based aspiring newspaper writer who has a serious boyfriend (Justin Long), a young music exec. Their lives are thrown into a spin when she gets a dream job offer in San Francisco and they must embark on a long distance relationship – complete with long waits at airports and phone sex!

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0 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore: "I'm Really Thinking About What's Next For Me"

  1. Drew is really amazingly talented, but it has taken me some time to realize that. It was her drug use as a teenager that really overshadowed her talents in my mind.

  2. Drew Barrymore IS the girl next-door!! Who hasn’t watched her grow up??? From ET and Poltergeist tooooooooooo 50 first dates, charlie’s angels, oooohhhhh so many movies I could never even remember them all without cheating. Child Actress Makes Good!! I’d say Great, but different people like different movies. She usually plays strong female role models, the daughter or sister or child you can be proud of…at the end. Smart and witty, independent………she doesn’t NEED the man, she WANTS him. I totally Love her movies; thought her directorial debut was Great!! I really liked Whip It. And her role as the crusher, was damn funny….because I don’t think she’s really so confrontational…funny and a fun role for her, too. Fat or thin..like a reed, or a bundle of bundles of reeds, a strong independent woman is always sexy. Be who you are, like yourself!!; and nothing else should matter!!

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