Eat Dessert First and 18 More Tips to Replenish Your Emotional Energy

Stressed out? It's time to hit the "reset” button. Author Vickie Milazzo gives us tips and tricks on how to de-stress and relax.
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15. Practice gratitude.

For happy people, gratitude seems to outweigh desire. For unhappy people, it’s about want, want, want, with little gratitude in return. Now, there’s nothing wrong with desire, because desires fire your passionate vision. But gratitude must always be greater. Otherwise, you’ll never be satisfied or happy. Acknowledge daily three things you’re grateful for, small or large, and express gratitude to others as well.

16. Accept yourself as you are.

How often do we let the comparison game rob us of joy? If you’re five-feet-two-inches tall, with sturdy ankles, you’ll never grow into a lithe five-feet-seven-inches. The fact is, some things we can change and others we can’t. Let the things you can’t change about yourself go.

17. Find the fun. Fun is healing, and laughter keeps us sane.

Laughter raises T-cell counts, relaxes blood vessels, eases muscle tension, and reduces psychological stress, which enhances learning. Laughter can happen when you least expect it…if you let it.

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18. Create your own party.

Growing up in New Orleans taught I (Vickie) that you can have a party anywhere—at your house, in your mind, or, as my father says while chowing down on a good muffaletta, in your mouth. Embrace life with energy and joy. Wherever you go physically, emotionally, or mentally, take the party with you.

 19. Eat dessert first.

Sometimes we treat renewal like a dessert we have to earn by eating our vegetables. Mardi Gras taught me (Vickie) to celebrate before the hard work. Prior to the sacrifice of Lent, the city of New Orleans would party hearty for two weeks. So feast before you fast, and eat dessert first.

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Vickie Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD is the owner of Vickie Milazzo Institute, an education company she founded in 1982. Featured in the New York Times as the pioneer of a new profession, she built a professional association of 5,000 members.

Vickie has been featured or profiled in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Success, Entrepreneur, Houston Chronicle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Texas Bar Journal, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and in more than 220 newspapers. Vickie has appeared on national radio and TV, including FOX & Friends and the National Public Radio program This I Believe and more than 200 national and local radio stations.

She is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Inside Every Woman: Using the 10 Strengths You Didn’t Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want Now. Vickie is recognized as a trusted mentor and dynamic role model by tens of thousands of women, a distinction that led to her national recognition as the Stevie Awards’ Mentor of the Year.

Vickie was recognized as the Most Innovative Small Business by Pitney Bowes’s Prioritymagazine and received Susan G. Komen’s Hope Award for Ambassadorship. Author, educator, and nationally acclaimed speaker, this multimillionaire entrepreneur shares her vast experience with thousands of women.


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