Eat Pray Love-Inspired Fan Blog Posts!

Read the first posts from our Betty fan bloggers, inspired by the movie, Eat Pray Love!
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Eat Pray Love

Navigating Heartbreak: Remove Those Blinders (Even If They’re Chanel!)
-by Sara Miller on As Told By Miss Ginger

Sara MillerTo say that I don’t have a rather extensive dating history would be putting it mildly. What my dating history lacks in depth, it makes up in entertainment value in spades. I dated a nice boy in high school for a couple of weeks, and that was only because I wanted a real prom date. After a few possible suitors here and there in college, I finally got a real boyfriend. It all started out as most plotlines on CW shows generally do. We were friends first and he really liked me, but I never really saw him that way. One magical day, I saw him in a different light and everything changed. Then… I went back to college and broke his heart. Totally awful, right? Don’t worry, I came back from college and rekindled the flame. Sort of.

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In the Middle of the Story
-by Monika Basile on Confessions of a Bleeding Heart

The text comes as I am leaving the hospital. It has been months since our last contact.

“Do you remember me?”

I shake and with trembling fingers respond, “Yes.”

Do I remember? I remember every single wonderful, miraculous, heartbreaking moment.

The next text comes seconds later, “What do you remember most?”

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The Rules of Commitment
-by Rebecca Rose on Lustolicious

When most people think of commitment, they also think of monogamy. When I think of commitment, I think of two like minds coming to an agreement on the way the relationship should work on a long-term basis… and monogamy is not part of the equation.

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From Almost Settled to Single
-by Jenna Sauber on Make It Extra Spicy, Please

Jenna SauberI fell in love with my best friend in our junior year of college, after three years of us dancing around it, me dating a few jerks, and our friends egging us on from the sidelines. For the last four years, my relationship with the person I was going to marry and be with for the rest of my life was mostly relegated to nightly phone calls, letters, some webcam chats, and visits every few months. Why?

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