Edit Your Life

Gail Blanke wants YOU to edit your life!

Monday Morning Motivator

Edit Your Life

You are what you think, so think good things

-Gail Blanke


This week try editing your life. That’s right, edit out the bad news, the dire predictions, the crummy statistics – all the stuff we’re bombarded with in the media, by the water cooler and in casual conversations with friends. Because here’s the thing: the more we talk about how bad it is, the worse it gets, and the greater toll it takes on our energy and optimism. The fact is: we are what we think about. So edit out the stuff you can’t do anything about and concentrate on the good stuff you can create. Take a deep breath right now and edit!

Gail Blanke is founder, president, and chief executive officer of Lifedesigns, LLC, a company whose vision is to empower men and women worldwide to live truly exceptional lives. She is also a best-selling author, a renowned executive coach and presentation skills trainer and is considered one of the finest motivational speakers in the country.

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