Embrace the Power of a Flower With Ann Jacobson's All-Natural Skincare!

Ann Jacobson of Power of a Flower dishes on how a hobby grew into a passion, her skincare role model, and more! Meet our fave new skincare maven here!
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Power of a Flower facial kit

Give yourself the ultimate at-home spa day! From left to right: Reviving Eye Butter, Regenerating Oil, Restoring Lip Balm, Refreshing Toner, and Cleansing Grains.

BC: Who’s your skincare role model?

AJ: My stepmother, Katherine Peery, whose beautiful skin I have been taken with since we first met many years ago. Her skin in her 60s could rival that of a 30-year-old! She has her own skincare line as well, and she has been such an inspiration for me throughout this journey. Not only has she shared with me her tips on skin care, but even more importantly, she has been a sounding board and a Guinea pig for all my products.

BC: Do you have a favorite Power of a Flower product?

AJ: Regenerating Oil, Regenerating Oil, Regenerating Oil! This product has changed my life—or at least, it has allowed me to go out of the house without having foundation on my face. Not only does it hydrate and rejuvenate my skin, it also reduces and eliminates the red blotches that plagued my skin. I love the color of my skin tone now and rarely use foundation, unless I am going out at night.

BC: Have you ever created something and ended up not liking it?

AJ: Many times! I have box filled with products that didn’t make the cut. To me, skincare not only needs to benefit your skin, it needs to make you feel good, too! Good skincare is one way to pamper the senses, so scent and consistency are BIG factors at not making the cut and ending up in the box.

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BC: What’s your personal skincare routine like? Have any tips to share?

AJ: At night, I use facial wipes for removing eye makeup, then follow it up with cleansing grains, toner, eye butter, regenerating oil, lip balm, and hand balm (I actually get excited and feel good when I do my nightly routine). In the morning, it’s a little simpler: Just toner, eye butter, moisturizer, and lip balm. Once a week, I use my French Green Clay Mask, and once a month, I do an herbal steam.

Tips: As I mentioned earlier, if your skincare routine doesn’t make you feel like you’re pampering yourself, change it! Also, always remember this: Dood skincare is a result of not only what we put ON our body, but also what we put IN our body, so good nutrition and drinking plenty of water is essential for having nice skin.

BC: If you could use only one skincare product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

AJ: I seriously can’t say enough about the Regenerating Oil—it’s so packed with the powers of flowers to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin!

BC: If you could have any celebrity, living or dead, use your stuff, who would it be?

AJ: Dr. Oz. He has done so much to engage and empower people of all ages not only to take better care of their bodies and their lives, but also, he has been such a powerful force for sharing alternative ways to do it.

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Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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