Emmys Red Carpet Showdown! Who Won: Heidi Klum, Zooey Deschanel or Tina Fey?

Last night at the Emmys, the parade of gowns worn by Lucy Liu, Sofia Vergara, Clare Danes and the bunch was mesmerizing!
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Christina Hendricks

christina hendricks emmys 2012

We know that Christina Hendricks loves and adores Christian Siriano. She’s worn his confections many times on the red carpet. But while the cut of the gown is perfection, the color washes her out.

Kristin Wiig

kristin wiig

If just doesn’t look like it’s Kristiin’d day.

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Heidi Klum

heidi klum

When Ryan Seacrest saw Heidi, he remarked that she wasn’t really wearing much of anything. When the pictures came out, every pose looked like “The Angie!”

Brooke Anderson

brooke anderson

The Insider star picked a dress that doesn’t do anything for her. At all.

Portia de Rossi

portia de rossi

Are these the most glam jammies you’ve ever seen or what?

Glenn Close, Lena Dunham and more next!

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0 thoughts on “Emmys Red Carpet Showdown! Who Won: Heidi Klum, Zooey Deschanel or Tina Fey?

  1. The primary color dresses look so glaringly simple. Any dress that costs that much deserves a more grownup shade of color other than what is found in a Kindergardner’s 8 pack of primary crayons. I love color – look at Tina Fey’s dress. It’s a beautiful bold color that is a more grownup thoughtful selection.
    And doesn’t Heidi Klum look so distorted getting her leg front and center thru the stupid slit that goes all the way up? She didn’t manage that stance any better than Angelina Jolie did last year.

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