Erin Wasson: "Don't Spend Your Life Making a Living and Forget to Live It!"

Oxygen facials, the sun and sexy Rockport heels that are build like Adidas sneakers. These are just a few of supermodel Erin Wasson's fave things!
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BC: You’ve been on several advertising campaigns throughout the years. Do you have a favorite designer to work with?

EW: Favorite designer… I can’t say that I have a favorite. There’s been beautiful moments throughout the years that have been really special. I miss Alexander McQueen. I miss him; I miss the magic of those shows; the theatrics and you know just umm… he…he was special, a visionary beyond visions that we can’t even dream of.

BC: Do you prefer the runway or print campaigns?

EW: Probably campaigns. At this point in my career I don’t do much runway and with the campaigns I do shoots. [I like them because you] get to go on set and work with people that you’ve known for years and when you show up it’s a bit like hanging with your family all day. I’ve been in the business long enough to where when you’re on set there’s a lot of comradery.

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BC: You’ve walked the runways (in fashion shows) in Europe and the US, how did you mentally prepare—I mean you don’t strike me as someone that gets nervous—but if you do, how do you mentally prepare?

EW: Smoke a cigarette; I don’t know. [Erin laughs].

BC: Smoke a cigarette? I love that response [laughs]… Okay, so your face looks stunning; do you have any beauty tips?

EW: Beauty tips? Get as much rest as possible. I read that the number one…like literally you have more cell turnover in your sleep than any lotion or cream or anything can do for you, so if can, get enough sleep. I’m actually a big believer in a little bit of sun. I think a little bit of sun actually keeps your skin happy and healthy. Obviously, wear sunscreen. I [also] get regular oxygen facials because I do spent a lot of time outside and in the sun.

BC: Do you have any must-have fall trends?

EW: Nope! I keep it pretty easy-peasy. I’m pretty straight forward; I’m old enough to know what I want, so as far as style goes I’m not really driven by trends even though I think ithey’re interesting. But (fashion-wise) I’m pretty much a female version of Johnny Cash.

BC: What are some words of wisdom that you would pass on to an aspiring model?

EW: Don’t spend your life making a living and forget to live your life!

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