Exclusive! Betty White and Sandra Bullock's Backstage Reunion

Sources tell BettyConfidential about what went down behind the scenes between America's sweethearts.
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Jesse James

Meanwhile, Jesse James‘ plot to stay on Sandra’s good side continues. “He suddenly changed his mind and let his ex-wife Janine (Lindemulder) have a supervised visit with their daughter Sunny,” another source tells BettyConfidential. “Jesse was very adamant about not letting Janine see Sunny, but suddenly changed his mind thinking that Sandra will see that he’s changed man.

“It’s a plot to get closer to Sandra. He’s still trying to show Sandra that he’s a family man at heart and that he’s doing the right thing by Sunny, by allowing her to spend time with her real mom. Jesse also doesn’t want Janine badmouthing him to the public and calling him a con artist, so they made a deal that if Janine keeps her mouth shut when it comes to Jesse, he will continue to let her see Sunny. Sandra also thinks that it’s a good idea for Janine to be a part of Sunny’s life – she is her biological mother – but, as long as the visits are supervised,” adds our source.

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This is all part of Jesse’s ploy to win back his wife. “Jesse is listening to Sandra to show her that he still loves her. It’s a way for him to still stay in contact with Sandra because Sandra is in Sunny’s life. Jesse wants Sandra’s opinion on everything that affects Sunny.”

JoAnna Zulli is a New York-based writer who has worked for Star, Soap Opera Magazine, Woman’s World, In Touch and the New York Post.

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  1. That’s very interesting about Jesse James’ ploy to get on Sandra’s good side. I wonder if it’s working. Betty White seems is a great friend!

  2. when true old Hollywood class pairs with true current Hollywood class what you get is that rare thing called inspiration – something all actors should be trying to advance through their craft – instead of the usual scandal and low class antics we normally see – go Betty and Sandra –

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