Exclusive! Christian Siriano: "Don't Be Afraid to Be Interesting”

"Everyone should have a little piece of fashion ... it should never be taken seriously!” Christian Siriano on designing sponges, being a crazy cleaner and fashion for the m
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How was the design process for this project? Anything wacky happen?
Nothing that crazy! It was a pretty easy process — it was definitely very interesting that we were designing for a sponge! It was really just about creating a print that could actually be printed onto the sponge, because not everything can be done. That was an interesting process to learn. It’s fun, it’s random, it’s kitchy. It’s not supposed to be like OH MY GOD this is a groundbreaking, serious project.

I can’t wait to use them!
Yes they’re cute, they’re fun — like, throw them in your kitchen and call it a day!

Christian Siriano Spring 2011

You took ballet as a child and have described yourself as a “musical theater kid who loved costumes.” What do you want to say to all the kids out there who might not feel like they fit into the typical “mold” of what society expects from them: football for guys, cheerleading for girls …
You have to really find your thing, your voice, your little group of friends that you can, like, relate to. I don’t think you should be afraid to be interesting. Being interesting is what made me kind of who I am, and made me successful — having funky hair and being little and sassy and having comments. You have to be yourself — that’s what’s important at the end of the day.

Did you have a good group of friends who were supportive of you?
Yeah — I went to a high school that was an arts school. So everybody there was artistic and interesting. People have gone on to do symphonies at Lincoln Center and dances at ABT. It was a different place, everyone was supporting each other. I wish that a normal high school was that way. Everyone spends so much time NOT supporting one another. It’s sad.

Does this experience want to make you design other home goods?
I LOVE housewares — everything from pillows and throws to furniture. Even if I just did it for a fun, tiny project. It would be really fun to do. I’m definitely looking for something fun. Even if it’s just me. Maybe I’ll just make some pillows and throw ’em on my own site and be like, buy some pillows!

How about designing jewelry?
I love jewelry. I haven’t gotten really INTO, into it. I’m working with this great company Send The Trend which I kind of helped launch. It’s an amazing company and it’s growing, and I think I’ll take more of a designer role. The whole idea is that we’re shopping for that woman who doesn’t have a lot of time and is looking for something to finish of her look. I curate the pieces; I pick what I love. It’s really great — everything is easy, it’s cheap. It’s the best little fun project to do!

Um … do you ever sleep?
I know, isn’t it fun? I will tell you — I work a nice long day and then I like to just go home and do nothing. I try not to do much at nighttime except, you know, think of ideas. I probably live a boring life that way.

What are some of your favor downtime activities?
I love to shop at antique stores on the weekends. I love to watch bad TV and eat good food at night. That’s literally all I do. I don’t need to party all night. I’ve never been that way.

Is there anything you can’t do?
Ohh I mean … yeah … I think there’s lots of things I can’t do. I’m still searching. It’s trial and error. I don’t think I could play football

You never know…
I mean I …  trust me …  I COULD. I’m very fast!

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