Exclusive! Glee's Romy Rosemont: "I'm The Biggest Gleek!"

Romy Rosemont, the 'Glee' actress, discusses acting, music, edible jewelry and Jennifer Aniston.
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Exclusive! Glee‘s Romy Rosemont: “I’m The Biggest Gleek!”

The ‘Glee’ actress discusses acting, music, edible jewelry and Jennifer Aniston.

-Brooke Sager

Romy Rosemont

So, you think you’re the biggest Gleek out there, do you? Looks like you may have some competition. Romy Rosement, the actress who plays Carole Hudson on Fox’s hit show Glee, insists that she takes the prize. “I have every CD and I actually go out and purchase them. I don’t wait to get them at work,” Romy tells BettyConfidential. “It’s kind of embarrassing.”

It’s okay, Romy—if we starred in an Emmy-winning show, we’d do it too!

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What’s it like on the set of the Emmy-winning show, Glee?
It’s a blast! Because I’m not there all the time, it never gets boring. It’s such a great group of people, and the crew is amazing. It’s weird calling these kids ‘kids,’ but that’s what they’re referred to as. The hours are long, but it’s fun to go to work.

What’s your favorite part about playing Carole Hudson, Finn’s mother?
I love what she represents. She’s a single mom on her own, and it’s fun to have that balance in that show—having a person who is understanding and real. Viewers, especially women in their 40s, can relate to Carole. She’s an easygoing character who is and hopefully will continue to be the person people turn to. Plus, I also get to work with Cory Monteith and Mike O’Malley.

Do think your character will ever have a singing role on the show?
I doubt it. I’d probably be more likely to dance than sing. But you never know what’s in the crazy minds of the directors. And these days, with what they can do with computer-generated voices, they could probably make me sound on key! Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to do it. Who wouldn’t? It’s dorky, but the people who coach you through it all would make it an unbelievable, nail-biting experience. Those kids are unbelievably talented. So it would be a bit mortifying at the same time. All of a sudden, you’d hear, “Oh no, why is everyone covering their ears? It’s Romy’s solo!” But I love the chemistry with my character and Mike O’Malley’s. That would be a great pairing for a duet.

How do you think the show has transformed over the first two seasons?
I think that Glee was such a phenomenon in the first season. Now, it’s really maturing and continuing to find its way. The performances are getting better and better. I think they’re going to delve more into the stories and characters and continue on that path. At first, they were just trying to show everyone what they could do. Now, everyone knows, so they can be a lot more adventurous and do things that maybe not everyone can relate to. Like, I heard not everyone loved the Britney Spears episode because there wasn’t much of a story, but some people did. What’s amazing is that there’s something for everybody.

You’ve said your role in My Life led you to decide that you’d “make a living as an actress or starve?” Why is that?
I think it was either sink or swim. It just so happened at that time in my life. My Life was a big movie at the time, so it gave me the courage to do it. This was not just an episode or guest role. I had scenes with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. One of my friends always says, “act as if.” So I acted as if I was going to get these roles all time. I really started to feel like an actor. I always knew I could go back to getting a waitress job. But I needed to invest in myself.

You’re married to Stephen Root who is also in the industry. How do you balance work and family?
We just do. I have a 21-year-old stepson, so there are no kids at home, which makes it a lot easier. The last two weeks, I’ve been working 6 a.m. to midnight. And this morning I was like, “Why is there so much laundry?” You just make that time. It’s a joy to be able to have someone at home that understands exactly why I’m doing. I’m also doing a play while shooting Glee. It’s an actor’s dream to be so busy. Stephen and I make sure we check in or go visit if someone’s out of town for a long time. The whole “no kids at home thing” really does make it easier.

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