Exclusive Interview With Fefe Dobson!

The singer discusses her new album, stage fright and why she loves Sponge Bob.
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Exclusive Interview With Fefe Dobson!

The singer discusses her new album, stage fright and why she loves Sponge Bob.

-Brooke Sager

Fefe Dobson

It’s been four years since her last album, but 24-year-old Fefe Dobson is back and ready to rock. Her new album, Joy, will at long last be released this fall after numerous delays. “I had to go and find myself musically,” the Canadian singer/songwriter tells BettyConfidential in an exclusive interview.

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From what we’ve heard so far, Fefe’s album will be well worth the wait. Get ready for an album oozing with passion, confidence and no holds barred rock n’ roll.

Joy is Fefe’s way of saying, “my way, or the highway.”

How is Joy different from your first two albums?
My first record came out in 2003. At that point, I was still trying to figure out what kind of music I liked to listen to myself. I’ve evolved as a person. My taste in music and what I like has shifted. I’ve also changed culturally and even fashion-wise over the past few years. I’m evolving with my music. I couldn’t make the record now that I made back in 2003. That would just be crazy.

Why did you wait four years in between your albums Sunday Love and Joy?
It wasn’t really by choice. I just wasn’t ready yet musically. I was writing some stuff but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to give out and say was “me.” At that point I was also going through my growing pains. But now, I’ve never felt so good.

What new music have you been listening to lately?
I listen to so much music! From Fleetwood Mac to The Doors to Drake to MGMT. I also love Johnny Cash, Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill.

Do you have a favorite song from Joy?
There’s a ballad called “Can’t Breathe,” which was a really cool experience to work on. I worked with such a collaboration of great people that I really look up to like rock legend Bob Ezrin.

What’s it like working with producers like David Lichens, Jon Levine, Howard Benson and Bob Ezrin?
It was so cool. They were all super good to me and they’ve all added new and significant elements to my life. I hope to continue working with everyone who worked on this record with me in the future.

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