Exclusive: Kate Hudson Has Baby Fever!

The single mom wants to add to her family.

Exclusive: Kate Hudson Has Baby Fever!

The single mom wants to add to her family.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has baby fever, a source told BettyConfidential! The actress loves spending time with her friends and their young kids, and she’s hoping to have a new baby of her own sometime soon.

“Most of her friends are happily married with children and she wants that,” a source close to Hudson told BettyConfidential. “When she hangs out with them she gets this lonely feeling like she won’t find love or have more children.”

The actress is already a single mom to son Ryder, 6, with her ex-husband Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. She absolutely loves being a mom, but she misses having a baby in the house.

“She loves Ryder and is happy to watch him grow into a beautiful young man, but she wants another child,” the insider adds. “She gets such a joyous feeling when she holds her friend’s baby and it’s a feeling only a mother has for the love of a child. It brought back memories of when Ryder was an infant.”

Hudson is still hoping to find the right man to settle down with, but if he doesn’t come along, she won’t let singlehood stop her from having another baby.

“She’s already been married, so if she can’t find another man to love, she’ll continue to be a single mom, but the mother of two.”

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  1. But she already has Ryder, and all babies grow up. To have a baby just so you can have an infant in the house again isn’t a good enough reason. If she was saying, “I want Ryder to have a sibling” or “I want a big family” that would be different.


    she has flitted from man to man to man.. and claiming she was in love with all of them just to fizzle out in a matter of months. i guess with a baby you feel the love and that doesnt end until 18 and college.. at least in theory. wow. so not good reasons for kids.

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