Exclusive! Lucy Liu: "I'm Always Looking For Prince Charming"

Lucy Liu, the "Charlie's Angels” star, chats about her new film, her dream wedding and 'Mr. Potato Head fairy tales.'
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Exclusive! Lucy Liu: “I’m Always Looking For Prince Charming”

The “Charlie’s Angels” star chats about her new film, her dream wedding and ‘Mr. Potato Head fairy tales.’

-Brooke Sager

Lucy Liu

We’ve seen Lucy Liu kick some serious butt in Charlie’s Angels, Lucky Number Slevin and Kill Bill. And yes, we loved it. But on December 12, we can’t wait to watch this action gal star in her very first rom-com, Marry Me. The four-hour mini series will debut on Lifetime starring Lucy as Rae Carter, a woman who can’t choose between her three male suitors.

It’s seems as though Lucy was born to play the role of hot crime fighter in heels. But believe it or not, the actress has always wanted to do a comedy. She grew up constantly watching sitcoms like Three’s Company and The Jeffersons. So when she was offered the role of Rae, she was excited to leave her spandex jumpsuits and warfare props at bay.

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How did Lucy feel when she learned that Rae was originally written for a blonde with a Southern accent? “It was a great opportunity to be included something like this,” Lucy says. “I’m always attracted to roles not intentionally made for someone who is Asian. I feel like I’m breaking boundaries.”

So what proved to be the real challenge? Wading in the romantic comedy pool for the first time. Even to her surprise, Lucy discovered that romantic comedies involve more physicality than actions. “There’s a lot of running around. I thought it was going to be all about acting chops, but it’s not,” she says. A fun, memorable scene she enjoyed filming involved her squatting and walking across a restaurant in heels in an attempt to hide from one of her suitors. “I lost eight pounds doing this movie!” As if she needed it.

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