Exclusive! Lucy Liu: "I'm Always Looking For Prince Charming"

Lucy Liu, the "Charlie's Angels” star, chats about her new film, her dream wedding and 'Mr. Potato Head fairy tales.'
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Lucy Liu

Rae may be far different from any character Lucy has ever played, but Lucy was best able to connect with Rae through her flaws. Why? Because they made her human. “Top villains are always the best at what they do. But Rae was lost and was just trying her best,” Lucy explains. “[Rae] had tons of nooks and crannies, and I had fun exploring where she could go.”

Would Lucy say she and Rae are similar? “Rae is kind of a dreamer, and I have that characteristic as well,” Luscy says. “She also has an ideal in terms of men. I have an idea of Prince Charming in my mind.”

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But while Rae pictured a fairy tale wedding for herself, Lucy claims she’s never envisioned a dream wedding of her own. “I’ve never pictured myself in a wedding dress with a white picket fence,” she says. In fact, she expressed ambivalence when stylists asked how she wanted her hair done for the wedding scene. “They told me I’d feel different once they put the veil on my head,” she says. “I felt absolutely nothing!”

But don’t get her wrong; Lucy is certainly not against the idea of fairy tales. She has been a big fan of Disney movies like Lady & the Tramp and Bambi since she was young. She also did a voiceover in the 2008 animated film King Fu Panda, which she dubbed “a Mr. Potato Head fairy tale.” “It’s all about encouragement,” she explains. “You can make it your own world and make your own dreams come true.”

Hooray for happy endings!

Brooke Sager is BettyConfidential’s editorial intern.

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