Exclusive Q&A: Joan Rivers Dishes the Dirt To BettyConfidential!

The 76-year-old "piece of work” discusses plastic surgery, her daughter, poker playas and Bret Michaels.
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Joan Rivers

Now that it’s said and done, what do you make of the rivalry between you and poker player Annie Duke on The Celebrity Apprentice? And were you happy that Bret Michaels won this season?
First, I was delighted to win. Thrilled! It became like a crusade for me—a madness! It was good vs. evil. I was out to win. At the end, you ask yourself, ‘Who makes a living as a poker player? What? Are you crazy?’ Yes, I hear from people all the time who say, ‘You’re just a poker playa!’ That line just came out. As for Bret winning, I think he’s adorable. I voted for him. It was also very brave that he risked his life coming to the last Apprentice show. It was a little less amazing when he risked his life going on Regis and Kelly the next day and less amazing when he was on Wendy Williams. I think he risked his life 11 times in two days.

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Can we ask you about any upcoming plastic surgeries? And when is too much… too much?
I don’t have time for more surgery. I’ve been working nonstop. But there is one shot in the documentary where they shot me from below. I was in a London taxi and they shot me under the chin. You can see a chin line. I was screaming, ‘No fair!’ It’s not really about too much or too little surgery. I believe a woman should do what she wants in order to feel great. Once I saw that women they call the cat lady walk into a restaurant. You could tell that she thought she looked fabulous. That’s all that matters.

Do you date anymore?
A guy dumped me three months ago. It was Bret Michaels! Yes, he found it was life threatening to go to bed with me. Seriously, at this age it’s ridiculous, but I still get crushes on people. I will flirt with someone. It seems insane. But those feelings never leave you, ladies. It’s very sweet.

Any life advice for our Betty ladies?
Try to work things out in life. Don’t take a stand where there is no going back. Always leave the door open… a little bit. And appreciate what’s going on while it’s going on. Don’t miss a moment.

Cindy Pearlman is a nationally syndicated entertainment writer and the co-author of The Beauty Cookbook and The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets.

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  1. I used to listen to her on the radio on the ride home from work – she had me laughing all the way – one of the comments she made always stuck with me – “If some nutjob has a gun to your head, who do you want to see come through the door? A policeman – remember that and support them!!” I started liking her for that one alone – very funny and very sweet – her advice to the ladies of Betty Buzz made me a bit teary!

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