Exclusive! Q&A With a Couture Cutie

Danielle Bisutti is a self-proclaimed fashionista who rocks out to Bruce Springsteen in her Grandmother's Gucci.
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Exclusive! Q&A With a Couture Cutie

Danielle Bisutti is a self-proclaimed fashionista who rocks out to Bruce Springsteen in her Grandmother’s Gucci.

-Jess Zaino

Danielle Bisutti

Danielle Bisutti has one of the most coveted acting positions in Hollywood – a day job that doesn’t involve serving up drinks. Working as an actress on the weekly sitcom, Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP, Danielle plays Ms. Amanda Cantwell, a fashion executive with the mantra “All Couture All The Time.” The show is a sassy blend of Devil Wears Prada meets Ugly Betty meets BIG, which means Danielle gets her daily fix of fabulous fashion and time on the set with the fresh faces of young Hollywood. While Danielle loves working with the mostly teen cast, she says they prefer Twitter to taking quiet time, allowing Danielle to relax to the soothing sounds of her first love, music.

When Danielle is not playing a rival fashion executive on True Jackson, VP, she is making sweet songs. As a lifelong musician, Danielle’s latest CD as a singer/songwriter is her upcoming four-track EP entitled I’ll Cover You, a series of covers including the song, I’m On Fire by her crush, Bruce Springsteen

Tell me about your choice to cover rock G*d, Bruce Springsteen.
The first time I heard the song, it was so emotional. It’s one of the greatest songs that Bruce has ever written. And the older he gets the sexier he gets so that of course helped my choice in exploring his music.

When did you start making music?
I went to Christian elementary and high school, which served as a barometer to my musical career. I was in junior high when I started performing. Amy Grant was a huge influence on me because of my upbringing. I was pure, didn’t drink and didn’t smoke but I was weird, always breaking into song and dance with other musical theatre friends at the supermarket.

So you were like the real-life Glee?
I love Glee! Yes, breaking out into song and dance in the Simi Valley plaza is on par with what happens on Glee. If I had my choice, I would want to do a Radiohead song on the show.

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Another religiously raised rocker is Katy Perry. What are your thoughts, from a Christian upbringing point of view, on her choice to write songs about kissing girls?
If you restrict something so tightly for so long, people will explore it to the extreme. And most people label something as good or bad. There is duality in all of us. Katy Perry needed to go out and kiss girls to see what its like. It makes her liberated. While the song is controversial, it is really catchy.

Did you ever take it to the extreme?
No, I never felt like I jumped over the cliff or lost my mind, however there were questions and curiosities that I needed to explore. I believe that’s true for all kids who leave the nest. And it’s great having the life experience. I love being in my thirties. It’s sexier.

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