Exclusive Q&A With Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch, the star of 'I Do & I Don't,' gets personal with BettyConfidential on Glee, filming comedies, and her future plans.
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Exclusive Q&A With Jane Lynch

The ‘I Do & I Don’t’ star gets personal with BettyConfidential.

-Sarah Polonsky

Jane Lynch

The infamous Glee star, Jane Lynch has a new DVD lighting up televisions across the world. She is funny, bawdy and all around thrilling to watch. In I Do & I Don’t Jane plays an alcoholic woman who has signed up with her husband (Matt Servitto) to provide pre-marital counseling to a young couple about to take their walk down the aisle. With Jane’s nonstop sexual advances towards to the groom-to-be (Bryan Callen) and her unwillingness to put down the vodka bottle, things are bound to get hilarious.

What was the most fun scene to shoot in I Do & I Don’t?

The scene with Brian Callen, when I come on to him while he’s exercising. We end up spanking each other and then I slap him. That was fun. There’s also a scene with the four of us (Callen, Lynch, Matt Servitto and Alexie Gilmore) are sitting on a couch singing the song “Halleluiah,” eat his body drink his blood. It was one of the best songs I’ve ever sung.

You always seem 100% committed to your roles. Do you have a hard time keeping a straight face when partaking in such hilarity?
Sometimes, but for the most part no. In this movie we had so much fun. We laughed a lot. But we were really there to support each other’s performances. The actors were all so hilarious. We had such a good time.

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There are moments where you are silent in the film but just looking at you makes us laugh- how do you convey so much without even having a line?
I don’t know. But one of the things with this character is she’s completely in her own alcoholic haze. She’s very self-entertaining.

Does your propensity to play up the drug and alcohol addled Catholic character in this film and also in Role Models come easily for you as a rebellion against your own Irish Catholic upbringing?
I wonder. It’s funny because I was brought up Irish Catholic but my parents didn’t take it very seriously. We weren’t like guilted for anything. I’m kind of fascinated by the topic. There are people who put out one thing but practice something else and the world is just riddled with that. It frustrates me so I have to work it out.

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