Exclusive Q&A With Weeds Sexpot Demian Bichir

The 'Weeds' star spills about his sex scenes with Mary-Louise Parker and real-life crush on Jessica Biel.
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Exclusive Q&A With Weeds Sexpot Demian Bichir

The ‘Weeds’ star spills about his sex scenes with Mary-Louise Parker and real-life crush on Jessica Biel.

-Sarah Polonsky

Mary-Louise Parker and Demian Bichir

Audiences everywhere froze in shock and sexual awe as Demian Bichir threw Mary-Louise Parker over his knee and gave her a spanking in last season’s hit Showtime series, Weeds. In the new season, as his character’s wife Nancy Botwin (Parker) goes on the run, the drama and excitement doesn’t stop for a moment—besides of course when Nancy needs an iced coffee.

The Mexican actor has been making huge strides in his career with appearances on Weeds for three seasons. Bichir’s also landed the leading role in New Moon director Chris Weitz’s film The Gardener, about an undocumented Mexican landscaper that was a struggle to finance.

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Bichir is as handsome as he is rugged, as affectionate as he is ferocious. He can definitely give us a spanking any day—and then prune our plants afterwards

How has it been appearing on Weeds for three consecutive seasons now?
I’m the first one to be amazed and surprised because I was not expecting to be here for more than a few episodes. Usually characters get killed pretty quickly on the show. The fact that I’ve been on for such a long time is more than I ever dreamed. I am very grateful to be a part of this show.

You play a corrupt mayor of Tiawana. Do you have any personal feelings about the topic of drug trafficking?
It’s very serious. Weeds talks about everything—it talks about the reality of drug trafficking. It goes deep inside every aspect of American society’s problems. Nancy Botwin goes all the way to Mexico where we learn about certain political aspects of it that people may not have known about.

You also have some hot sexual scenes. One of my favorites was when you were spanking Mary Louise Parker in a car. Were those difficult or fun for you to film?
I wonder why that’s every girl’s favorite scene. Everyone talks about it. I agree that it’s a really great scene. It took a nice, different kind of approach. It was the first time she really got punished. And she was asking for it. It was really, really hard to do that scene because we had barely met each other. When we did it, it was only my third or fourth time on the set. She’s so great and so beautiful. You don’t want to mess it up. You want to make it work. It was really great.

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