Exclusive! Q&A With Zander Eckhouse

We'd sweat it out any day with the ABC Family's "Huge” fitness instructor.
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Exclusive! Q&A With Zander Eckhouse

We’d sweat it out any day with the ABC Family’s “Huge” fitness instructor.

-Delaina Dixon

Zander Eckhouse

Betty is totally hooked on the little new show from ABC Family called Huge.

The story centers around seven overweight teens who spend their summer at a weight lost camp and deal with unrequited crushes and teen cliques while trying to drop a few pounds in the process.

Much like the students at Camp Victory, we couldn’t take our eyes of the new fitness instructor George, played by Zander Eckhouse. While Zander is undeniably sexy, when it comes to choosing a woman his criteria is surprisingly lax. “I’m just looking to date a girl, period. I’m very single right now. She has to be a girl, and she has to be human, that’s pretty much my preferences.”

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We decided we needed our own personal session pronto with the 23-year-old film grad-turned-actor who once had a guest role on the short-lived series Privileged. We got in a workout getting the scoop on his character’s not-so-secret crush on Amber (Hayley Hasselhoff), and Zander’s own hedonistic days at summer camp as a kid.

Is that last name starting to sounding familiar? That’s because Zander’s the son of James Eckhouse, the dad from the original 90210. Yep, talent runs in the family.

We heart George! What’s his story?
George is a newly hired fitness counselor for Camp Victory, and he’s totally terrified he’s doing a super bad job. He feels he’s a little under-qualified just because he’s so young and has no idea what he’s really doing. George is wrestling his own demons, and that comes out down the line. Not anything like he’s a serial killer, but he has issues.

Like his feelings for Amber. Is that going to get him in some serious trouble?
I don’t know what George is thinking! He’s just taken by this girl and can’t help being drawn to her. She’s gorgeous, obviously, but I think there’s more of a deeper connection between these two. It’s unfortunate that’s she’s four years his junior and his student. She’s his charge. You’re going to find him wrestling with being an authority figure and being a friend, maybe even more than that.

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