Exclusive Q&A on the Real Megan Fox

The loose-lipped beauty opens up to BettyConfidential on everything from her biggest fears to her love of corsets!
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Exclusive Q&A on the Real Megan Fox

The loose-lipped beauty opens up to BettyConfidential on  her biggest fears, shooting guns, and her love of corsets!

-Cindy Pearlman

Megan Fox

“If you make it to this level of fame you have to be a strong person to survive it,” says 24-year-old beauty Megan Fox. “I live under a microscope,” every moment of the day and everything that comes out of my mouth because a news story. It becomes overwhelming.”

Fox is alluding to comments she made last year about Transformers director Michael Bay, which created Hollywood differences. It was just announced that she won’t be in the next installment of the megahit action franchise.

But, in a black sundress with a taupe suit jacket hanging loosely off her shoulders, Fox doesn’t appear to be in any distress. Her long black hair flowing, the screen beauty smiles when asked if she’s one of Hollywood’s newest rebels.

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“I am rebellious, but that’s not the whole picture,” she says. “There are many sides to me. I can say that I don’t have a lot of fears when it comes to this industry. I’ll do and say things and I’m not afraid. I’m a strong person.”

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0 thoughts on “Exclusive Q&A on the Real Megan Fox

  1. You know, Megan Fox takes a lot of flak, but she actually seems like a smart, independent girl who’s not afraid to break out of the cookie cutter mold. Sure she has her insecurities and she makes mistakes, but don’t we ALL? This interview makes me think of her in a new light.

  2. I can not stand her. Some of the things she says make her seem like trailer trash, or classless, whatever. And to sit there and run her mouth off about the director of the films that made her rich and famous instead of thanking him, she runs him down? Well, hopefully it will make her grow up and realize that there are some bridges that you just don’t burn in life and then expect everything to be ok.

  3. I usually am not interested in celebrities — I read this piece just because it’s on betty confidential. I am not familiar with her career, but if you ask me, except for dancing lessons, she needed some grammar lessons too. And some of her sentences make no sense whatsoever. Like:
    You can never totally please them because you will never win.
    There’s nothing wrong with thinking twice before forming a sentence.
    When you’re someone whose sentences get printed you should try to be eloquent, or at least to make sense.

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